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Rust: Project Lazarus

Posted: Feb 16, 2022 in Rust

mc head By Kevin Lott


Rust has always been one of the most popular survival game experiences on Steam. With its heavy player vs. player emphasis and unmatched replayability utilizing procedural generation and great gunplay, it’s not hard to see what keeps players coming back. All that is great and fun, but sometimes we like to indulge in something different. Today’s topic allows us to explore what performs like an entirely new game but inside of Rust. Project Lazarus brings a DayZ like experience to Rust by making many changes to how the game operates and adding tons of new features. Let’s dive right in.

Project Lazarus

The Lazarus Project provides a unique survival experience featuring custom plugins and maps. It strives to make a proper survival experience using Rust as its platform. By incorporating survival aspects from games such as DayZ, a new experience is created.

But what exactly is this? Well, it isn’t incorrect to say this is a complete overhaul of Rust as a game. All players will spawn on the south side of the map on the beach. The custom map also includes multiple custom monuments, the most impressive of which being a humongous ship dubbed the CCSC Lazarus, thus the mod’s namesake. After exploring and playing the map like normal, you’ll eventually find one of the outposts. At outposts, you will be greeted with a new machine called the ATM. This is one of the main features of Project Lazarus which includes a working economy where the players can deposit and withdraw cash to use in the outposts. NPCs can be interacted with to purchase helicopters, gadgets, and other things.


Custom cities and monuments are all around the map, all littered with the new main enemy, zombies! That’s right, just like another super popular survival game, zombies randomly spawn in loot-filled locations. In the city of Lazaria, custom loot tables are a lovely addition to these environments and make for an enjoyable experience when playing. There are even server events that can be triggered depending on the loot and discoveries made by the player. For example, the bank can be entered and the vault can be opened to acquire multiple gold bars which can be sold for lots of money. Crates will randomly drop into the map, which will offer players some decent loot.

As you move more north throughout the map, the loot that you can find will get much better. For example, the northern military base has the best loot which is guarded by scientist NPCs and more difficult zombies. As a not-so-subtle reference, the Northwest Airfield is the most loot-filled location on the map.

New Features

With Project Lazarus comes many new features which really add to the experience of Project Lazarus. Some are simple additions but others rework the game entirely. A few even remove features for the sake of changing gameplay in a positive way.

  • 3rd person mode
  • No crafting explosives
  • Parachute
  • 2x Harvesting rate
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • All Level 1 Blueprints unlocked by default
  • Loot spawns on the ground instead of crates



Project Lazarus is an awesome project that brings all the best aspects of classic DayZ, DayZ Standalone, DayZ Epoch, and more into Rust. From quality of life features like loot spawning on the ground naturally to a literal third-person mode, you’re bound to have a great experience with what feels like an entirely new game. In any case, I hope you enjoyed reading about this new awesome project, and have a great day!

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