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Rust: Make Your Mark Update

Posted: Apr 21, 2023 in Rust

mc head By Kevin Lott


Every month the Rust developers seem to put out an interesting update which improves the game in one way or another. Whether it be through a surplus of content or just quality of life improvements, those updates never disappoint. This time, for the month of April, the Make Your Mark update brings forth more map markers, pings, double saddles, along with the usual fixes and improvements. Today, we’re going to go over all the new features and what you can expect to see when you boot up the game. Let’s begin.

Map Markers

So what did they change about map markers? Well, the entire system has received an update, increasing the maximum number of markers to 5 and adding new controls for players to keep important information alongside their map. Adding more markers is now as easy as using the right mouse button, and deleting markers is done the same way. Additionally, teammates can now view all the leader’s markers, in addition to their own.

map markers

If a player exceeds the maximum number of markers (5 by default), they will need to delete an existing marker to make space for a new one. Editing a marker is as simple as clicking on it with the left mouse button and using the controls that appear. Players can also customize their map markers by selecting from a range of available colors and icons, and even add labels, which are limited to three characters when displayed on the map.


A new feature called “pings” has been introduced, which enables players to communicate more efficiently with each other when using reconnaissance tools like cameras, drones, and binoculars. These pings are visible to all team members, even if they are not the leader.

Rust pings

They’re pretty much like any other ping similar to how they operate in CS:GO and other FPS games. This enhancement promotes better teamwork and coordination, particularly when exploring the vast and complex Rust world.

Double Horse Saddle

One of the standout features to me is the addition of the double horse saddle, allowing two players to ride on the same horse. When’s Minecraft gonna get this? Initially, wild horses only come with a single-seater saddle, but players can now swap it for a double-seater using the horse radial menu if they have the necessary saddle item.

double horse saddle

These saddle items can be acquired by purchasing them from the stablemaster or by crafting them. This new feature is a convenient and efficient way for players to travel and explore the Rust world together. 2 for 1, anyone?

World Model Refresh

A long-awaited world model refresh has been introduced. This update now allows players to distinguish between dropped HV, Incendiary, or Normal Rockets. In addition to the world model refresh, new world models have been created for different types of shotgun shells. Several items have undergone a world model refresh, including Road Sign Gloves, Snap Traps, High-Velocity Rockets, Incendiary Rockets, and Shotgun Ammo. With this update, players can now have a more immersive and visually appealing experience in Rust.

Easters Event

The Easter Egg Hunt event has returned! With a new hunt starting every 24-38 hours in-game, players have three minutes to collect as many eggs as possible, with the top three players on the leaderboard earning special eggs containing various loot, including scrap and an M249. Those who don’t make it to the top three can still earn rewards by upgrading 10 painted eggs to a bronze egg, then 10 bronze eggs to a silver egg, and finally, to a gold egg.

easter eggs rust

Players can use various items during the hunt, including the Easter Basket for instant egg collection, and the Bunny Onesie and Ears for an Egg Vision advantage. The Easter store has also reopened with new items, including the Egg Suit, a craftable costume with an egg motif that can be painted when unequipped. Additionally, this year’s Rustigé Egg is a beautifully handcrafted item containing a miniature underwater lab scene.


That concludes the report! Aside from the Easter event, the Rust April Update includes UI/UX changes, gameplay improvements, and various fixes. Nothing really that matters, but it’s nice to see! It looks like this update is bringing a range of new features and improvements that are sure to improve the game. The Rust devs always deliver impressive content that is sure to enhance the game for years to come, and with that, have a wonderful day!

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