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Rust: Eye In The Sky

Posted: Mar 14, 2023 in Rust

mc head By Nathan Young


Some Rust players may have some problems surveying their surroundings, especially in sticky situations with enemies on the horizon. If you encountered similar situations, then you’ll be happy to know the Eye In The Sky update introduces a wide variety of new features and improvements to help your surveillance. Whether you use a drone to spy on players or secure your base with CCTV cameras, there’s plenty of options available. Additionally, there are tons of fixes and enhancements to the overall Rust experience. All of these changes can be a bit daunting at first, so we’ll be breaking them down for you. Let’s get started!

Brand New Features

Rust Eye In The Sky Update

There’s many features to unpack in this blog, but don’t worry! We’ll cover the most important details to understand before you jump into this update. These include remote controlled devices to detonate C4 explosives, automatic turret computer compatibility, new filter systems, among so many other aspects. Most of them will greatly improve the quality of your gameplay experience, even on dedicated servers. The official news of Eye In The Sky was released on March 2nd, making this brand new to all players. As hinted in its name, many gamers consider this to be the security patch of a lifetime. Before you leap into spying and protective technology, check all these new features down below to unlock this update’s secrets.

Controlled Drones

Imagine controlling a drone to maneuver in the skies above to spot possible targets or hunt down runaways. This dream is now a reality! These drones are unlocked through the workbench’s tier 2 tech tree, meaning they’re craftable. Players must use computer stations to use it once deployed in-game, but has a small signal range. This means only nearby terminals will be suitable for drone usage. Once in the air, be cautious since it’s easily damaged from impacts.

Rust Drones


Remote Detonation

Rust RF C4

We all know C4 exists in Rust, but now it’s remotely exploded through an RF Broadcaster or detonator. Players must set the devices on the same frequency for everything to work. Once the C4 detects the signal, it’ll go bananas to destroy anything in its path. The only downside is that it’ll decay after 24 hours if it’s deployed outside your building privilege zone. These devices can truly revolutionize how clans battle each other in Rust.


CCTV Surveillance

Introducing the new PTZ Security Camera, just like how CCTV works in real life! This is a craftable piece of technology that is paired with the computer station. Expect all the functionality from an actual camera, such as panning, tilting, and zooming. Using this requires you to place it on a ceiling, which makes sense. Similarly to drones, players can unlock this in the tier 2 tech tree of the workbench.



Automatic Turret

Rust Automatic Turret

Automatic turrets already exist in Rust, but with this update players can now configure it with a computer station. This allows them to control its movement and shoot at targets, but has low visibility for long range objects. These auto turrets will make for a great deterrent, just in case you upset a few clans in the world. Otherwise, use it freely as a weaponized camera to guard your base.


Exciting Improvements

Rust Eye In The Sky Changes

There are tons of improvements with this update, with most being quality of life changes. These could be considered features, but more so on the side of enhancing gameplay. Some of them include a new filtration system, extra industrial crafter slots, better pipe placements, among other aspects. Rust players will be thrilled to begin experimenting with these improvements! We’ll break them down in greater detail for your convenience.

Filter System

There are tons of new filter options for you to play around with, such as requiring any, all, or none of the listed items. By default, it’s set to the first option, which you may already have tried out in a previous update. Besides this, there are now three modifiers players can use for each item: max, min, and buffer. The first is unchanged from before, while the others are different. The min modifier will filter items that exceed your defined minimum limit. As for the buffer, it’ll move around materials according to your predetermined value, but not all depending on the situation. Playing around with this new system is best done through the new user interface.

Rust New Filter System


Industrial Crafter

Rust New Crafter Slots

With this new update, this system now has 4 blueprint slots to try out. This allows players to build multiple items with no conveyor connections. However, doing this is still possible if you want. This works by going from left to right, crafting as intended with supplied ingredients for each blueprint. Players can truly make an automated crafting station with this new industrial crafter feature, especially when combined with others. Just make sure to always have enough resources to manage them all, as it requires workbenches, high quality metal, and other handy tools.


Pipe Placement

The placement of pipes is now significantly improved from before, allowing for better control around corners. This is due to the minimum distance between points being a lot smaller. Additionally, the highlight of these connections will remain as you tinker around with it. There are other enhancements too, such as colliding with deployable entities to make the pipes more realistic.

Rust Pipe Placement



Besides all the talked about features and changes above, there are tons of other ones to learn about. Review the table below to begin understanding more about Eye In The Sky’s improvements.

Industrial Crafter pulses red after reaching max output storage.All blueprints will now respect number based item filters.
Reduced industrial sound volume.Using ziplines is less likely to kill players.
Improved performance for Electric Furnaces and Storage Adaptors.Water Catchers will no longer collect liquid when connected to a full container.
Garbage collection in servers is now optimized.Various multithreaded networking fixes.



Almost all of these changes from the Eye In The Sky update for Rust will improve most gameplay experiences. Whether it’s using automatic turrets as a weaponized camera or remotely setting up a trap for enemies, there are tons of possibilities. This is amplified by the countless fixes implemented by the update, but we couldn’t do all of them. It’s strongly recommended to check out the official devblog for this patch so you can read more about it. Besides this, we hope this blog helped you understand some of the important aspects from the update. Have a good one, gamers!

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