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Rarest Animals in Minecraft

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mc head By Nathan Young

Rarest Animals in Minecraft


As you and other players alike explore the Minecraft world, there may come a time when you encounter an abnormal animal. These rare mobs vary from skeleton horses to special axolotls, which you may have randomly stumbled upon before. This can intrigue some players to learn about the rarest animals in Minecraft but can be difficult to narrow down. Keep in mind that spawn rates and unique conditions factor into their rarity, meaning other animals can be extremely common. Many users can easily become confused about what constitutes a creature being rare, as it can become complicated. Finding them on your own can be a challenging task too, adding onto the mystery that’s within the game. Due to this, we’ll showcase the rarest animals in Minecraft and how to locate them in this Apex Hosting guide.

Rarest Animals in Minecraft

Minecraft Rarest Mobs

As you may know, there are tons of creatures and animals in Minecraft. Few of them have different variants, such as uniquely colored sheep. This is one example of defining a rare mob, as certain spawn rates dictate these variations. However, special conditions can also influence the animal’s rarity like lightning striking a creeper to change its properties. Make sure to keep this in mind as we explore the rarest mobs in Minecraft. Additionally, due to the large number of possible creatures, our list will only cover the most unique kinds in the game. With this said, review the information below to learn more about them all. Once you’re finished, the other section will help you find rare Minecraft mobs on your singleplayer world or server.

Skeleton Horse

Starting off with the first rare mob in Minecraft, a Skeleton Horse is a natural hostile creature that spawns from fractions of lightning. There’s only a 0.75% to 1.5% chance for this to spawn, but increases much higher in hard mode. However, players must be within a 10 block radius of the predetermined location for these mobs to appear in the world.

Minecraft Skeleton Horse

Once spawned, skeletons can ride them and prove to be a challenging fight for some users. This event can happen in both Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft, giving everyone a chance to encounter them.

Pink Sheep

Minecraft Pink Sheep

Continuing with our list, the next rare mob to enjoy is a Pink Sheep. These have a 0.164% chance of spawning, making them extremely uncommon. Their behaviors are identical to normal sheep, meaning you can shear them for pink wool or watch them eat grass. This is a fun little surprise to anyone walking through a forest, which may act like a good fortune for some. Alternatively, players can simply make the sheep pink with colored dyes. This takes away from the rarity but mimics the mob perfectly.


Brown Mooshroom

Another mob on our list is a Brown Mooshroom cow, only found on mushroom fields after lightning strikes the animal. This means you have multiple layers for encountering brown mooshrooms like the biome’s generation rate and thunderstorm chances. Luckily, these are breedable mobs that you can always enjoy. All it’ll take is either one or two of them, as players can use the normal mooshroom cow for this process too.

Minecraft Brown Mooshroom

Additionally, you can shear them for some mushrooms to make stew or a potion. Sadly, this reverts the creature back to its red variant.

Blue Axolotl

Minecraft Blue Axolotl

By far one of the rarest mobs in Minecraft is a Blue Axolotl, as there’s only a 0.083% chance that it’ll appear after breeding. This leaves almost no opportunity for players to see it in-game, but with enough axolotls, it becomes slowly possible. Keep in mind that there are several other colored variants too, such as pink, brown, gold, and cyan. Additionally, these creatures can only be found in lush caves if there are nearby clay blocks. This adds onto the rarity, making it even harder to obtain.


Charged Creeper

Similar to other rare mobs, a Charged Creeper must be struck with lightning before it appears. Fortunately, these hostile creatures are already commonly found in Minecraft. This means all you need to do is get lucky enough to have a thunderstorm come by or trigger a strike on it with enchanted tridents. Watch out though since charged creepers will explode with an even larger bang than their normal counterparts.

Minecraft Charged Creeper

In other words, be well equipped with armor and restorative consumables before tackling this Minecraft mob.


As of Minecraft 1.20, players have the ability to attain one large rare mob known as a Sniffer. These creatures cannot spawn naturally since they must be hatched first. Their eggs are found in ancient ruins under warm oceans after brushing off suspicious sand, which doesn’t guarantee anything. This means you have to get lucky with your archeological skills before hatching sniffers.

Afterward, you can place down the eggs to watch them grow into extremely large peaceful beasts. This is considered rare due its tedious nature of getting a sniffer.

Natural Snow Golem

One of the most unlikely events to occur in Minecraft is a Natural Snow Golem. These loveable mobs only spawn after an enderman places a pumpkin on two blocks of snow. This makes it almost completely impossible to encounter in the world, as the chances of this event happening are close to zero. If you or anyone else does actually find one, their luck is absolutely solid. Sadly though, these natural snow golems are just like their normal counterparts.

Minecraft Natural Snow Golem


How to Find the Rarest Animals in Minecraft

How to Find Rare Mobs in Minecraft

While trying to explore the Minecraft world for the rarest mobs, players will quickly find it’s hard to accomplish. Locating them is as simple as just walking around the environment and getting lucky. However, this isn’t the only method to achieve this task. Instead of running all over the world, you can summon them with commands. This only works with cheats or server operator privileges, as it’s forcibly spawning mobs in-game. Whether you run a command or use a block to do it, you have a couple options. Although, using a generator is highly recommended to help with this process. Besides all that, review the steps below to learn more about summoning rare mobs in Minecraft.

Summon Command

  1. Join your server or Minecraft world with cheats enabled, then open chat.
  2. Proceed to type your desired summon command and press Enter on your keyboard.
    Minecraft Spawn Blue Axolotl

    Note: The extra options in {} may be required for some mobs, such as different colors.

  3. If successful, you’ll see the newly spawned creature in your world.


Command Blocks

  1. Enter your server or singleplayer world with cheats enabled, then open the in-game chat.
  2. Run the following command: /give [Username] minecraft:command_block 1
    Minecraft Give Command Block
  3. Afterward, place it down and attach a lever on it in preparation for summoning mobs.
    Minecraft Command Block
  4. Continue to right-click the block, then input your desired summon command in the field.
    Minecraft Summon Command Block

    Note: It’s encouraged to change ~ ~ ~ to any suitable coordinates.

  5. When you’re finished, click Done and flip the lever to spawn the mob in-game.


Common Issues with the Rarest Animals in Minecraft

Unable to Find Rare Mobs

In some cases, players may be unable to locate the rarest mobs in Minecraft. This can be caused by a few reasons, including being unlucky. Besides this, make sure you have the difficulty set above peaceful, as hostile creatures only appear in easy, normal, and hard. If this is configured correctly, then continue searching for them in your singleplayer or multiplayer world. Remember, these rare animals can spawn in both editions of Minecraft. However, their chances may differ depending on the game version used for this process.

Cannot Summon Mobs

While trying to summon mobs in Minecraft, make sure to have cheats or operator permissions enabled. Remember, the command needed for this process isn’t something normal players can execute. Once you have the correct privileges, try again to see if that works. However, extra values may need to be added in the command. For example, different colored mobs require the “{Variant:X}” argument. It’s strongly recommended to use a generator to help you out, especially if it’s a rather unique creature with special attributes. The same applies to command blocks, as they still require these values.

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