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R.U.S.T – Repopulation Unit Survival Test

Posted: May 29, 2023 in Rust

mc head By Kevin Lott


Has the Repopulation Unit Survival Test started again? This month’s update includes various new features such as the Missile silo monument, lore, wipe events, SMG weapon buffs, building skins, and many other exciting additions.This is the largest most impactful update to Rust in a long time, and people are sure to be excited! But what exactly does it entail?

Rust May Update

The Rust May update features an all-new monument, the Nuclear Missile Silo, which promises valuable rewards for players. This new location can be found under a military base and can be easily spotted by a tall radio tower. Getting inside the underground base might prove difficult, but waiting for the hatch to open and simply jumping in is an easy solution. Once inside, players can explore a deep underground missile silo that hosts a massive ICBM. However, getting back out may prove tougher than getting in, as players will encounter a new type of Scientist who will shoot at anyone disrupting their experiments.

Players who manage to fight through and take down enemies will eventually reach the elevators down to the base of the structure, where they will find a laptop counting down to nuclear armageddon. The bunker area also allows players to access security cameras around the facility, letting them spy on other players exploring its halls. Players can also reach the security room, which is their chance to exit back to the surface with newfound gear.

Moreover, this facility will be tied into the Rust wipe cycle, with NPC activity around the island increasing as the countdown timer approaches zero. The Rust May update promises to be one of the most intense and exciting Rust patches yet, with the introduction of this dangerous new facility. Additionally, there are buffs to both the Thompson and MP5 SMGs to make them more useful at longer ranges. The update also adds a new Adobe building skin in the Rust store to change the look of players’ bases.

I think all of these changes are very interesting. The idea of making a Rust wipe cycle a part of the game’s lore and worldbuilding while also tying future mechanics into the wipe cycle is super dope. More enemies the closer you get to wipe? How original!


In summary, the Rust May update adds the Nuclear Missile Silo monument to the game, which players can access by jumping into the hatch that opens periodically. Inside, players can explore the underground missile silo, fight new types of enemies, and use security cameras to spy on other players. The Rust wipe cycle is also tied into the facility, with NPC activity increasing as the countdown timer approaches zero. The update also includes buffs to weapons and a new building skin in the Rust store.

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