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ProSkillAPI Minecraft Plugin

Last modified on Feb 13, 2023 in Plugins

mc head By Dalton Whalen

ProSkillAPI Minecraft Plugin


Minecraft is a game with many numerous features and options, such as potion effects or powerful enchantments. While some may consider these to be magic, many may wish for a permanent form of magic boosts and abilities that is simply not available in the base game. This dilemma is solved thanks to ProSkillAPI, a Minecraft plugin that adds near-infinite customization of classes, skills, spells, and much more. Using an online editor, you are able to adjust the entire plugin to fit your exact requirements. Whether you just want a few classes with passive abilities or desire a full RPG server experience, the choice is up to you. Diving in unprepared may be overwhelming for unfamiliar players, so we have created this Apex Hosting tutorial to get you started.

ProSkillAPI Download

  1. Navigate to the ProSkillAPI Spigot Page.
  2. Press the blue Download Now button in the top-right.
    ProSkillsAPI Download
  3. Save the file to a safe location for later.
  4. Additionally, download the ProMCCore dependency plugin.


Server Installation

  1. Navigate to your Apex server panel, then stop the server.
  2. Scroll down to the Game File section, then open the dropdown menu.
    ProSkillsAPI Version
  3. Ensure you are running a plugin-compatible version, such as PaperMC or Spigot.
  4. Afterwards, enter the FTP File Access on the left-hand side, then log in.
  5. Locate and enter the plugins folder, then press Upload in the top-left.
  6. Drag + drop the plugin .jar files into the right-hand side.
    ProSkillsAPI Upload
  7. Once uploaded to 100% return to the main panel page and restart the server.

The server will now load up with ProSkillAPI, allowing you to join and jump right into the action!

Introduction to the Online Editor

ProSkillsAPI Editor

To customize the plugin, you can make use of the SkillAPI Dynamic Editor website. This will allow you to completely create classes, skills, and edit the details within them. There are a ton of configuration options which may be daunting at first, so we will show you the basics for creating your first skill and class for the server.

Creating a Skill

  1. From the Editor, choose your server version and enter the Skills tab from the top.
    ProSkillsAPI Skills Tab
  2. Within the left-hand menu, select Skill 1 or press New Skill.
  3. If the menu is not already open, press Details.
    ProSkillsAPI Details
  4. Here, customize the details to your liking:


Skill Details

ProSkillsAPI Skill Details

Now that you have the Details menu open, there are several options for you to customize. While we will only cover the notable ones, you can hover over any section to view a tooltip on its usage.

NameThe name of your skill.
TypeFlavor text giving a brief description on the type of skill.
Max LevelThe maximum upgrade level of the skill.
Skill ReqThe required skill needed before unlocking the current one.
Skill Req LevelThe level needed for the required skill.
CostThe amount of skill points needed to upgrade, with an optional increase per level.
ManaThe amount of mana to use the skill, with an optional increase per level.
IconThe icon used for the skill in menus and GUIs.


Triggers and Effects

ProSkillsAPI Triggers and Effects

Now that you have created the details for your skill, it is time to choose the specific triggers and effects upon using it. To get started, press the Edit Effects button to return to the main menu, then click Triggers.


ProSkillsAPI Triggers

This is what causes the skill to activate, which has several options depending on your desired outcome. Spells will often have a Cast activation, while defensive skills may activate with Took Physical Damage.

Once you’ve made your selection, press Done. A skill can have multiple triggers, so pick any that you may need. When you are ready, press Add Child under your trigger to open up the next set of options.


Selects the target for your skill when used. This can be used for yourself, an area, where you are looking, and much more. If applicable, selecting a specific target will allow you to customize its settings, such as the radius, who it affects, and more.

ProSkillsAPI Target



ProSkillsAPI Conditions

What conditions need to be fulfilled in order for the skill to activate. You can choose a skill to only activate during certain weather, if you’re facing a certain direction, and many others. Like previously, you can select a condition and tweak it to your liking. You can also have multiple conditions chained together or a different effect for each separate condition.



Finally, the effects for when the skill activates, which will apply depending on your target from earlier. These allow you to deal damage, put on a disguise, summon lighting, buff stats, and tons more. We recommend playing around with these to find a combination that you like.

ProSkillsAPI Mechanic


Creating a Class

ProSkillsAPI Class Tab

Once your skill is complete, it is now time to create a class that can use the skill. Similar to before, press the Classes button in the top-right of the main menu. You can then choose your class from the left-hand menu.

Class Details

The classes have many settings to choose from and customize. Some of these are simplistic, while others are a bit more complex depending on your desired outcome. Like previously, we will cover some of the notable options, with the rest being available as tooltips.

Class Information

ProSkillsAPI Class Details
NameThe name of the class.
PrefixThe prefix that appears before your name in chat.
GroupThe class group, such as race, trade, or more.
Max LevelThe maximum level the class can reach or will be upgraded at.
ParentThe class that transforms into the current one when upgraded.
Exp SourcesWhat in-game tasks allow the class to level up.



ProSkillsAPI Attributes
Health20 points = 10 full hearts, with an optional level increase as the class is leveled up.
ManaThe amount of mana the class has for skills, with an optional level increase.
Mana RegenThe amount of mana regenerated every second, with an optional level increase.
Vitality, Spirit, etc.Optional attributes that can be used in skills, with an optional level increase.



ProSkillsAPI Class Skills

A list of skills that the class has access to, with one on each line. Here, you can add your skill created in the previous section of the tutorial. Depending on the level requirement, these will be unlockable as the class is leveled up in-game.


Icon & Extras

ProSkillsAPI Class Icons
IconThe icon representing the class that appears in menus and GUIs.
Icon CustomModelDataUsed to select custom textures/models for applicable items.
Icon LoreThe text that is displayed when hovering over the GUI icon.
Unusable ItemsThe types of items that the class is unable to use.


Importing Classes and Skills to your Server

Finally, now that the complicated part is complete, you are ready to begin adding these skills and classes to your server for use. The editor website will automatically export the necessary file, allowing you to simply drag + drop the files on your server panel.

Exporting from the Editor

  1. From within the editor, press the Backup All Data button in the top-right.
    ProSkillsAPI Backup Data
  2. You will now begin downloading the files to your system.
  3. (Optional) If prompted to approve downloading multiple files, press Allow.
  4. Afterwards, ensure the .yml files are in a safe location for later use.


Uploading Through FTP

  1. Return to the Apex panel, then stop the server.
  2. Enter the FTP File Access in the left-hand menu, then log in.
  3. Navigate to /plugins/ProSkillAPI/dynamic/.
    ProSkillsAPI FTP Navigate
  4. Delete any existing skills.yml and classes.yml files.
  5. Press Upload in the top-left, then drag + drop the files from earlier.
    ProSkillsAPI Upload 2
  6. Once at 100%, restart the server to load up the new changes.


In-Game Usage


Joining a Class

ProSkillsAPI Options
ProSkillsAPI Profess

Once in-game, you can list all available classes by using the /class options command. Once ready, use the /class profess [Name] command to choose your desired class. As you play, your class will gain exp and slowly level up, gaining access to more stats and abilities.

Activating a Skill

ProSkillsAPI Skill GUI

To use a skill, you must first use the /class skill command, which will open a GUI. Using any Skill Points earned through leveling your class, you can click the skill to level it up and gain access to it.

Depending on the skill requirements and the triggers, your skill will now be available for use! For cast-style skills, you can use /class cast [Skill Name] in order for it to be used. Other skills, such as damage-activated ones, should also activate automatically once unlocked.

ProSkillsAPI Cast



Following that, you can continue to use your configured spells or add even more. You can have numerous classes with several skills for each, allowing players to gain more abilities as they play on the server. If you ever want to add more later on, you can just drag + drop the classes.yml and skills.yml files directly into the online editor, which will automatically load your existing settings. Whether you choose to create passive skills like extra defense or go all out with magic spells, there are an unbelievable amount of possibilities. It may take some time to become fully acquainted with all of the options, but having a full editor online makes it significantly easier than just editing a config file. Keeping this in mind, you are prepared to create and use the ProSkillAPI plugin on your Minecraft server.

Helpful Links

ProSkillAPI Spigot Page
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