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Palworld Update – Bellanoir

Posted: Apr 4, 2024 in Palworld

mc head By Nathan Young

The Palworld Update – Bellanoir is Here!

Since its launch, Palworld has been a game filled with challenges to overcome, featuring a vast map teeming with undiscovered creatures, base management and construction functions, and combat mechanics for both attacking enemies and defending your base from enemy raids. However, players have been eagerly awaiting new challenges to face in this vast world. And with the latest update, the time has come – the first Palworld raid is here! Prepare your strongest pals to face Bellanoir, overcome its unique challenges, and emerge victorious with your team. After receiving updates focused solely on game balance and bug management, we finally have some new content that brings a sense of freshness to the game.

Bellanoir Battle Raid

In this intriguing new game mode, we’ll have to face off against Bellanoir, a fascinating new pal with a very interesting design featuring dark, ghostly colors that make it irresistible to some players. Confront it in the new Raid mechanic and discover its unique abilities – capture it and take it with you!

Palworld Bellanoir


New Pal Management in the Base

The new raid isn’t the only thing this update brings; we’ll also see a change in the way we manage our base. Now, we can rely on a new feature aimed at better organizing the tasks our pals perform. It includes a system that allows us to activate or deactivate our pals’ work skills. We can now find this section where it displays the skills of our friendly companions, and from there, we can deactivate or activate skills they already possess, so they can focus on a single task. This gives us the opportunity to put our pals with high skills to work without worrying about them getting distracted by other tasks that don’t interest us.

Palworld Bellanoir



These changes bring a breath of fresh air to the game, primarily the raid that introduces new challenges for players who want to test their skills within the game. On the other hand, the new base management function is something many of us would have liked to have from the beginning, and with this update, we can finally make the most of our pals in the base. Gather your friends to explore and discover these new contents that Palworld has for you!

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