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Palworld Server Mods

Posted: Feb 15, 2024 in Palworld

mc head By Nathan Young

Since the release of Palworld, the internet exploded – as the game broke world records across the board. Millions of players began their adventure by capturing Pals, building bases, crafting equipment, and battling against fierce syndicate bosses. Throughout their journeys, some may have thought about modding Palworld to introduce new features or QoL changes. In the first week of the game’s release, there were hardly any mods to try out. As time went on, more of these addons were introduced to the community. Players started modding their Palworld saves, with few exploring server-sided mods. What type of modifications are available for multiplayer? Is it worth modding? How challenging is it to install mods on Palworld servers? All of these questions and more became common, so let’s answer each of them!


Modding Palworld Servers

The normal settings for Palworld servers offer many options to change the gameplay, but not everything. For example, players may want unlimited stamina, better character customization, minimaps, enhanced Pal descriptions, and so much more. Few of these are considered cheats, while others are quality-of-life changes – it boils down to what you want in Palworld. Thousands of users want a casual experience or an extra challenging time. Regardless of what setup you prefer, anything is possible with Palworld server mods! Fortunately, the process to do this is extremely simple, yet advanced. The subsections below will showcase a few of the best mods in Palworld, how to find more of them, and their installation to get you started on a brand-new adventure.


Best Mods for Palworld

There are tons of mods for Palworld nowadays, with more releasing each day. Due to the game’s popularity, we can all expect this trend to continue! With that being said, there are bound to be amazing mods that the community prefers over others. We’ve gathered a few of them to give you a better idea of what’s available right now.



Palworld MapUnlocker Mod

As many of you know, starting out in Palworld means that your world isn’t explored. This means your map doesn’t show you all the dungeon bosses or fast travel markers, which can be an inconvenience. Due to this, the MapUnlocker mod is the perfect solution for your Palworld server. This instantly reveals all areas on the map, granting you the advantage of knowing exactly where everything is located. With 90k+ downloads, we can say for sure that this is an extremely popular modification for your gameplay.

Faster Breeding

Palworld Faster Breeding Mod

After capturing Pals in your world, breeding becomes available – well after you’ve unlocked its technology. This process can be too long for some players, as it takes time for males and females to produce offspring. That’s where the Faster Breeding mod comes into play, offering you multiple options to speed up this process. Whether you want 1 or 150 seconds, the choice is yours! This significantly improves breeding in Palworld, which helps you get the ultimate fighter, builder, farmer, or any other type of worker much quicker.


Less Restrictive Building

Palworld Less Restrictive Building Mod

For those looking to create the best possible base in Palworld, they might have stumbled upon some limitations. For instance, floating structures? Forget about it, the game doesn’t allow you to do that – unless you have the Less Restrictive Building mod. Rather than being confined to one space, the entire map is yours to use! Whether you want to build a floating castle or have overlapping bases, using this mod opens the door for many creative opportunities.

Remove Flying Stamina

Palworld Remove Flying Stamina Mod

Exhausted from all stops you have to make while flying? Me too, so consider using the Remove Flying Stamina mod! This provides you with endless flight, meaning you don’t have to wait for your Pal to recover stamina. It’s extremely beneficial while exploring hostile terrain or escaping strong enemies. Remember, flying is considered the apex of travel in Palworld. Making sure you have enough stamina is always important, but becomes meaningless with this mod!


How to Find Palworld Mods

There are few websites offering Palworld mods, with some being more popular than others. If you want to search for extra ones to spice up your gameplay, then consider using Nexus or CurseForge. These are both good contenders to try out, as there are lots of search options to narrow down exactly what you want. Simply type and enter your keyword(s) to begin looking through all the possibilities. Remember, there are brand new mods for Palworld each week due to the game’s popularity. If you’re unable to find what you want, then maybe in the future it’ll be released.


Installing Palworld Mods

As for installing Palworld mods on your server or client, the process is relatively the same. All that’s required is to upload the .pak files into the following directory: …\Pal\Content\Paks. However, modifications that require batch files may not entirely work on the server – so keep this in mind. Additionally, we encourage you to only install updated Palworld mods since older versions might be incompatible. Once you have everything set up, restart the game and server to begin loading the mods!


Modded Palworld Server Hosting

Palworld Server Mod Hosting

Here at Apex Hosting, we offer you a wide selection of plans to host your own modded Palworld server. Gather a group of friends and start your adventure with mods today! Whether you want to have fun with less restrictive building or unlimited stamina, you have plenty of options. This is amplified with our advanced user interface, offering you full control over the Palworld settings. Additionally, we have tutorials and support teams to assist you with customizing your game server. If you happen to have any questions or concerns, we’ll work with you to resolve them. Get started right now with your own Palworld server mod hosting to have fun with friends!

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