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Palworld Sakurajima Update

Posted: Jun 26, 2024 in Palworld

mc head By Nathan Young

Millions of players have desired more features in Palworld ever since its release on Steam, as the game is in early access. Good news – Pocketpair has announced their first major update, Sakurajima! This introduces a wide range of new areas to explore, Pals to capture, and so much more. Whether you want to discover a new island or battle it out in arenas, this update has you covered. Grab friends and embark on exciting adventures in your own Palworld server with the Sakurajima update!

Sakurajima Update – Features

As of June 27th, you’re able to play the Palworld Sakurajima Update with friends and family! In this massive update, there are a lot of new features and content to discover. This latest patch even allows you to build with new structures and surpass the original level cap. There’s even support for Xbox dedicated servers, one of the most asked features by the community. Beyond this, players may even encounter a stronghold with dangerous enemies around. Make sure to have your Pals ready for action!

As the entire map of Palworld was easily discovered, this update adds a whole new island full of surprises for you. For example, large mushroom biomes with nearby swamps are one environment to explore. There are others, but we’ll leave that to your adventures! Keep in mind that there are extra resources available on this island, possibly being better than previous locations for bases. Set out to seek all these possibilities in the Palworld Sakurajima Update.

Palworld New Island


New Pals & Subspecies

Palworld New Pals

What’s an update without new Pals? Expect to encounter multiple never before seen species in Palworld. Examples include a knight-like Pal and Croajiro, a frog-like critter. There will be more to find in your server, so keep looking out for them. Just make sure to be well equipped, as these can pack a punch – especially the boss variants. Capture them all to complete your Paldecks!

In addition to new Pals, there are more subspecies too. These offer you different options when choosing which Pal to use for work or combat. The color difference is how you look for these newer versions. These are technically unique Pals in your Paldeck, so make sure to collect them too. If they happen to be a shiny or lucky variant, you struck the jackpot! The vast majority of these subspecies are only found on the new island.

Palworld New Subspecies


New Buildings & Level Cap

Palworld Sakurajima Features

With the Palworld Sakurajima Update, you have the ability to create even more amazing bases. Use Japanese styled structures to improve the quality of your home, especially with decorations. If you decide to set up camp in a new biome on the island, then this is perfect – as cherry blossoms are found here. Beyond this, you’re able to surpass the original level cap in Palworld with this update. This means there are new technologies to unlock and other surprises waiting for you. Jump into action and begin leveling up with friends on your dedicated server!

New Raid

Palworld New Raid

Tired of slaying all the normal bosses and factions? Consider summoning a monster to challenge yourself in fierce combat, known as a raid. This has been a feature for some time in Palworld, but now there’s a brand new enemy to conjure. This is an extremely large and powerful beast, so having friends and all your Pals ready to fight is heavily suggested. Otherwise, you might fall victim!


Oil Rig Stronghold

One of the most interesting locations in Palworld with the Sakurajima Update is the Oil Rig Stronghold. This location offers you a wide range of enemies to fight against, while offering rewards. There are turrets and obstacles awaiting your discovery! Only travel here when you’re ready, as you will surely succumb to all the foes roaming around on this oil rig.

Palworld Oil Rig Stronghold


Pal Arena

Palworld Pal Arena

An extremely anticipated and demanded feature in Palworld, Pal Arenas, is now here! You and others can face off in intense combat to see who’s better at fighting. Only bring your most powerful Pals in this arena to claim victory over the weak. Alternatively, test out certain abilities to see what works in the midst of combat against enemies. These fights can become chaotic on official servers, so keep that in mind.


New Faction & Boss

Palworld New Faction Boss

There’s a new boss and faction in town on your Palworld dedicated server with the Sakurajima Update. This will be an intense battle, with only the most powerful of adventurers being able to defeat them. We strongly recommend avoiding this boss fight until you’re absolutely certain to win – meaning to have legendary equipment with a high enough character level. This faction can only be found on the new island, so explore its vast biomes to uncover the tower!

Palworld Sakurajima Server Hosting

Hosting your own Palworld server to play with friends in the Sakurajima Update leads everyone on grand adventures. This is amplified with all the new features in the latest patch, offering a whole other island to explore, Pals to capture, bosses to fight, and places to call home. Customize your gameplay with unique gamemode settings or install mods to further enhance your gameplay experience. The choice is yours to make with the Palworld Sakurajima Update!

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