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Outvoted Minecraft Mod

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mc head By Nathan Young

Outvoted Mod Minecraft


Once in a while, Mojang allows players to vote on mobs and other features to get released in upcoming Minecraft versions. Sometimes, users can miss out on this event or simply not get their desired creature in the game. This may lead them to search for alternatives to get their desired features, which is done by using modifications. One of these is known as Outvoted, a Forge and Fabric mod that introduces players to three new mobs from 2017’s mob vote. There’s even other interesting changes that were added to enhance overall gameplay, such as having the ability to craft tridents. Consider trying this mod out with friends to see what could have been in Minecraft. Setting this up is quickly done on our panel, but may confuse newcomers to the modding scene. Due to this, we’ll show you how to install and use Outvoted on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting guide.

How to Download

  1. Navigate to Outvoted on CurseForge and press the Files option near the top.
    Outvoted CurseForge
  2. Scroll down and locate your desired Game Version for this mod.
  3. Once found, click its three vertical dots on the right and press Download File.
    Outvoted Mod Download
  4. Save this somewhere easily accessible on your computer for later.
  5. After doing this, repeat the process for the GeckoLib dependency mod.


If you’re using Fabric for this mod, then make sure to include the additional dependency mods for Outvoted to work properly: Fabric API, Architectury API, and Cloth Config API. Without doing this, the server and client will crash upon startup. As for Forge users, they can dismiss this message since they only need the single dependency mod.


Client Installation

Before doing anything, you and others need to install Forge or Fabric on the Minecraft launcher. This depends on your desired setup, but either of these are required to support modifications on your game. After doing this, follow along below to begin the installation process for Outvoted.

  1. Open your Minecraft launcher and click Installations at the top of your screen.
    Minecraft Installations
  2. Locate your previously installed modded profile, then press its Folder icon.
    Minecraft Modded Profile
  3. Find and enter the mods directory from the newly opened window.
    Note: If you don’t see this, create it before continuing with the installation.
  4. Proceed to drag and drop the downloaded files in this folder.
    Outvoted Mod Installation
  5. Return to the modded profile and press Play to begin loading the mods.


Server Installation

Similar to the client installation, you’ll need to activate Forge or Fabric on the server to support mods. This is done by selecting either one from the Game File area in the main panel, then restarting to generate needed files. Once you’re finished with this part, review the steps below to start installing Outvoted on your server.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel and press FTP File Access near the top left.
    Minecraft FTP
  2. Type your Password in the text box, then click the Login button to reveal the files.
    Minecraft FTP Login
  3. Proceed to enter the mods directory and press Upload at the top left corner.
  4. Drag and drop the downloaded files in the respective area, then wait until they finish.
    Outvoted Mod Server Installation
  5. After they reach 100%, return to the main panel and Restart the server to load them.


Getting Started

Outvoted Mod Minecraft

After joining the server, you and other players may immediately notice the new changes. This depends on your starting point in the world, as new mobs may be on the horizon or within oceans. Regardless, you’ll want to explore the nearby environment for them. However, it may take some time to begin viewing them since they have unique spawn locations. We’ll help you learn more about each mob and their uses, among other features from the Outvoted mod. Review the subsections below to get started on your new Minecraft adventure. Although, you may find it helpful to install the JEI modification to discover more information about these features while in-game.

New Mobs

As noted before, there are three new mobs introduced in Minecraft with the Outvoted mod. These only include missed creatures from the mob vote 2017 event, as the winner is already in the game. Since no one knows for certain how these critters behaved, the mod developer had to improvise. Due to this, some features aren’t entirely associated with mobs. Before getting into them, let’s learn a bit more about each creature.

Great Hunger

Starting off with the first one, Great Hungers are an interesting medium-sized creature. Essentially, this critter burrows itself in the ground to deal lots of damage against anything walking above it. Additionally, enchantments can be stored in their mouths by simply throwing them inside. These can then be combined and applied on weapons, tools, or armor. However, other items will be removed completely if thrown in their mouths.

Great Hunger Minecraft

If you decide to slay a great hunger mob, then you may receive one Bottle o’ Enchanting or a new item called Void Heart. These creatures are found in Deserts and Swamps, making them widely available in the world.


Wildfire Minecraft

A brand new variant of Blazes exists now, called Wildfires. These hostile creatures are only found in the Nether dimension, just as their counterparts are too. This means you’ll have to find a spawner to begin fighting them, among random encounters in Fortresses. Instead of shooting one fireball, they’ll send out waves in all directions. However, this scales back depending on the mob’s health, leaving room to slay it.

Additionally, wildfires inflict knockback damage if players get too close and also use its shields to prevent harm on itself. Upon killing one, you may get the following items: Blaze Rod, Shattered Blaze Piece, and a Wildfire Helmet.


Rather than friendly squids, Krakens are the complete opposite. These creatures are hostile and extremely large, making them strong foes in the ocean. They’ll attach themselves to players and begin drowning them by going deeper in the water. This can be a terrifying experience, especially since krakens chase others in boats too. Fortunately, these mobs will only patrol in their “home” area, which is a 96 block radius from their spawn point.

Kraken Minecraft

Remember, they won’t appear in rivers or shallow waters in the world. If you happen to slay one, then you’ll be provided with a Kraken Tooth item.

Reset Anvil Cost

Reset Anvil Cost Minecraft

Besides new mobs, Outvoted introduces a few new features to increase the quality of your gameplay. One of these is resetting the cost of applying enchantments from anvils. Most of the time, you’ll encounter the “Too Expensive” message when making the best possible gear. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re competing with others to become the most powerful player. Solving this requires you to slay great hungers until receiving Void Heart items, as these are used to reset the anvil cost.

Once you’ve obtained this, simply combine it with your enchanted weapon, tool, or armor piece in a crafting table. Afterward, head back towards your anvil and try adding a new enchantment. This should completely reset the cost to levels low as 2, rather than 15 and above. Whether you’re wanting to save experience points or trying to maximize your sword with all appropriate abilities, this feature comes in handy and gives more purpose to great hungers.

Void Heart Minecraft


Wildfire Items

Wildfire Shield Minecraft

Players may want to use custom gear from mobs to help them during adventures. Fortunately, wildfire mobs can provide you with required materials to do this in your world. After collecting 1x Shattered Blaze Piece, surround it with 8x Polished Blackstone in a workbench to create a Wildfire Shield Part. This can be used in a Smithing Table to transform a Shield into a complete Wildfire Shield.

Otherwise, you can try your luck to obtain the Wildfire Helmet since it randomly drops after slaying mobs. While wearing this piece of armor, it’ll give you permanent Fire Resistance until it breaks.

Trident Recipe

Another useful feature from the Outvoted mod is the ability to create tridents. These are normally uncraftable, as they only appear from drowned mob drops. Luckily, all you need is the following materials to make a trident: 3x Kraken Teeth, 1x Heart of the Sea, 1x Prismarine Rod. The last item you need can be crafted by combining 3x Prismarine Bricks, which shouldn’t be too difficult to obtain.

Trident Recipe Minecraft

Remember, kraken teeth can be found by slaying them in the ocean. We strongly recommend having looting applied on your swords to quickly obtain enough.

Mob Configuration

If you’re wanting to completely control these new mobs, then we suggest tweaking the mod’s configuration file. This is done by using our built-in editor from the FTP panel, making this easier for you. When you’re ready, follow the instructions below to get started.

  1. Navigate towards the FTP File Access area and use your login credentials accordingly.
  2. Proceed to the config directory, then locate the outvoted-common.toml file.
    Minecraft Forge Config

    Note: Fabric stores this in the …/config/outvoted/common.json pathway.

  3. Once found, reveal its contents by pressing the Edit option on the far right-hand side.
    Outvoted Mod Config
  4. Make any of your desired changes, then click Save at the top.
    Outvoted Mod Settings
  5. Return to the main panel and Restart the server to apply these edits.


Common Issues

Cannot Join Server

In cases where you cannot join the server, then double check you’ve entered the correct IP Address:Port or Subdomain when making the connection. Making one error or mistake is enough to result in this situation, so make sure everything is right. Luckily, this information can be verified through your server panel near the top. Besides this, another common issue is having an incorrect Minecraft launcher configuration. Ensure you and others have Forge/Fabric installed with the corresponding game version, along with all required mod files. In other words, check to see if Outvoted and its dependencies are stored in the localized mods directory. Once you’ve done everything, try connecting again to see if that worked. If the situation persisted, then this could mean an underlying issue is on the server’s end.

Outvoted Isn’t Working

If you’ve found that Outvoted isn’t working properly on the server, then check you’ve successfully uploaded its file and dependencies in the mods directory via FTP. If this checks out, then double check you have Forge or Fabric selected in the Game File area, as this is required for mod support. When everything has been confirmed, restart the server to see if that’ll work out. However, creating a new Server Profile may resolve the situation if it continues. This creates a separate directory for your game files in the FTP panel to avoid any pre-existing file conflict. Although, contacting our support if nothing seems to be working is another option.

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