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Outdated Client Minecraft

Posted: Sep 19, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Minecraft servers can bring new and exciting experiences, but new releases can pose problems. The most common issue when versions release is an outdated client, which prevents players from joining a server. This occurs when versions on the launcher don’t align properly with its other half. All players must use the correct Minecraft version on their client to match the server. It’s a problematic and annoying situation, which sometimes can cause servers to find workarounds. Regardless of this, there are multiple solutions and additional information that will help you learn more about an outdated Minecraft client.

Outdated Minecraft Client

Minecraft Outdated Client

An outdated client issue in Minecraft is caused by players joining with lower versions than the server’s type. In other words, if you joined a 1.19.2 server on 1.12.2, then the connection would be rejected due to an outdated client. However, if a player joined with a higher version that exceeds the server’s one, then it’d be an outdated server issue. Yeah, this is a little complicated. In any event, the solution is simple: match the versions. Otherwise, the server could have the ViaVersion plugin to allow for multiple Minecraft versions. Besides that, these kinds of situations are typically on Java edition, but can appear in Bedrock types.
How to Fix
As previously mentioned, solving this requires changing the versions to match each other so the connection is permitted. It’s a mouthful, but once completed it’ll resolve any connectivity issues. Follow the instructions below to get started, but you may want to review our guide here instead to get a better understanding. After everything is completed, you’ll be able to easily join the server since the versions match.

  1. Open the Minecraft Launcher and head towards Installations.
    Minecraft New Installation
  2. From here, press New Installation and start naming it.
  3. Select the Version from the dropdown menu, then click Create once everything is done.
    Minecraft Versions

    Make sure to match the server’s version in this new installation.

The Future
Preventing these kinds of problems from arising is what any pro gamer would do. Due to this, you may want to consider making multiple launcher profiles, leading to an easier time switching between versions. Using different setups can save you time, as they would be already downloaded and ready to go. This, among being aware of the server’s version, will help you prevent any unnecessary changes and resolve the outdated client problem.


As Minecraft continues to update, these client version issues will likely happen. However, you have the knowledge and ability to resolve all future and present problems. Keeping the launcher on the latest release or its profile on the correct type will solve the situation. On the other hand, changing the server’s version would suffice and allow for no client configuration. Another benefit would be that players save time and effort from doing it themselves, just so long as the server changes its version. Although, you could simply double-check before starting up the game to ensure compatibility. Once any method is used, you and others would be able to connect without any problems whatsoever. Besides all that, I hope this was helpful and insightful towards your crafting endeavor!

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