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Minecraft Oraxen Plugin

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mc head By Nathan Young

Oraxen Plugin for Minecraft

Hosting your own Minecraft server with Apex Hosting allows you to fully customize the gameplay, but does have limitations. For instance, you’re unable to create custom items or blocks. If you’re interested in attempting this, then look no further than the Oraxen Spigot plugin! This tool provides you with the perfect solution for making custom items in Minecraft. You’re required to create textures, upload them to the server, configure settings – and boom! Whether you want custom axes, armor, or new blocks, you have all the tools with this plugin. The process sounds easy enough, but it can be frustrating to get started. Due to this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to install and use Oraxen in Minecraft.

How to Install Oraxen

Before getting started, you’ll want to purchase a Minecraft server with us if you haven’t already. Afterward, make sure to select Spigot or Paper in the Game File area to support plugins. This automatically generates needed directories in the FTP panel for you to start the installation. Review the steps below to begin!

  1. Download the Oraxen plugin from Spigot and save it on your computer.
  2. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click FTP File Access.
    Minecraft FTP
  3. Login with your credentials and enter the plugins directory.
    Minecraft Plugins Folder
  4. Press the Upload button at the top left corner, then drag and drop the file.
    Minecraft Install Plugins
  5. Wait for this to reach 100%, then return to the main panel and Restart.
  6. Repeat this process for the ProtocolLib
    plugin, as some features require it.


Oraxen – Custom Items

Whether you want 2D or 3D custom items in your Minecraft server, Oraxen has all the necessary tools to make it happen! Depending on what you want, the configuration process changes. For instance, it’s straightforward to create a new axe while a highly detailed set of armor isn’t as simple. With this in mind, we’ll be covering the basics of Oraxen to get you started. If you want a more in depth look at what’s possible, then review the official documentation here

Creating Textures

Before you begin making custom items, you’ll want to plan out the textures for them. We recommend using programs like Photoshop or Blockbench to accomplish this goal. For those looking to create weapons or tools, consider designing a 16×16 image of its textures. This will be used and uploaded in the /Orazen/pack directory for the custom item. It might be worthwhile to grab existing resource packs to help you, as a foundation for your new design. Regardless of what program or item/block you create, this is the first step towards implementing it in-game.

Minecraft Oraxen Create Textures


Item Configurations

When creating a custom item, creating new files in the /Orazen/items directory is required. You can name this to anything you want, ending with .yml so the plugin registers it. The format below is the first portion of this configuration. The “displayname” is what players will see in-game, while the “material” is the item’s base for how it is used. It’s possible to create your own materials, but that’s highly advanced. Besides this, make sure to include the item’s name at the very top – only used for the file’s format.

  displayname: "Onyx Axe"
  material: DIAMOND_AXE

Continuing the configuration involves linking your previously uploaded texture file to the item. The following code is underneath “material”, used for proper formatting. The “parent_model” setting is for determining if this is only applied to the specific item or all types of base materials used in the previous config. If you want all diamond axes to be custom, then use “item/generated” – otherwise, keep “item/handheld” for this custom item to be unique. As for the exact appearance of it, make sure to include the image file name under the “textures” section.

    generate_model: true
    parent_model: "item/handheld"
      - onyx_axe.png

If you want specific powers or abilities for this custom item, then using the “Mechanics” code is required. This is directly under the “Pack” category, similar to the other formats in the config. You can choose to set its durability, if breaking bedrock is possible, and so much more. Review the official documentation for Oraxen to find out more mechanics. All of them follow the same code format found below, with minor differences depending on the selected ability.

      value: 20000
      delay: 0
      period: 10
      probability: 0.5

In cases where you want to implement 3D models, custom dyed armor, or other features from the Oraxen Minecraft plugin, you need to continue learning more about the configuration. This is advanced and sometimes difficult to follow, so reviewing the official documentation is highly encouraged. Fortunately, there are default items for you to explore and learn about – which helps you create even more advanced blocks or materials.

Final Product

Minecraft Custom Item Plugin

When you’re finished setting up your custom item with the Oraxen plugin, consider using the /oraxen inventory command to test it out in-game. Being a Minecraft server operator is required for this process unless you previously configured permissions for it. After ensuring that the item is prepared for the public, you can give others it with /oraxen give [player] [item] [amount]. Whether you’re making a custom kit or having it as a donor item, these Oraxen commands come in handy.


Oraxen Plugin for Minecraft

There you have it – the Oraxen plugin for Minecraft is one of the most popular and powerful tools available for you to create custom items/blocks. Whether you focus on weapons or armor, you’re able to do that and more! The more you learn this plugin, the more features you can implement. Remember, you’re permitted to create your own materials and mechanics for a completely unique item. This is only achieved after practicing advanced setups, so we wish you the best of luck when doing that. Besides this, Oraxen is a must-have for any Minecraft server wanting customized gameplay experiences. Your friends and other players will be impressed by the amount of new items in-game!

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