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Opening Console on a CS2 Server

Last modified on Nov 14, 2023 in CS2

mc head By Nathan Young

How to Open Console CS2


Whether you want to use cheats on your CS2 dedicated server or customize your client settings, using the developer console to do that is required. This process involves enabling this feature and entering specific commands to achieve your desired goal(s). After doing this, you can have more control over your server or private match. For example, changing the warmup time or toggling flight are possible with the in-game console. Unfortunately, this isn’t enabled by default and might confuse newcomers to the Counter-Strike 2 scene. Due to this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to open the console in CS2 and use commands.

How to Enable the Console in CS2

This entire process will only take a few moments, as it’s all done through the in-game settings. Follow along below when you’re ready to begin.

  1. Launch CS2 and select the Settings icon from the top left corner.
    CS2 Settings Icon
  2. Afterward, navigate to the Game category and find Enable Developer Console.
  3. Once found, change its “No” option to “Yes” from the dropdown menu.
    CS2 Enable Console
  4. Confirm the console opens by pressing the Tilde (~) button on your keyboard.


How to Use CS2 Server Console Commands

Using commands in CS2 is straightforward and simple once the developer console is enabled. All that is needed is to simply type and press enter in the text box. However, keep in mind that some commands require you to be in a match or server with sometimes cheats toggled. This depends on what your desired goals are, so remember that while following along below.

  1. While playing CS2, open the console by pressing Tilde (~) on your keyboard.
  2. Proceed to type and enter any command you want, such as cl_showfps 1.
    CS2 Show FPS Command
  3. If successful, you’ll notice the results in-game or elsewhere depending on what’s typed.


CS2 Developer Console FAQ

Where do I find the Developer Console?

Navigate to the Settings menu, then select the Game category and it’ll appear near the top of your screen. This is where you can enable or disable the console for your CS2 client.

Why can’t I open the console in CS2?

The default key to open the console in CS2 is Tilde (~), but can be configured to be anything you want in UI Keys from the Keyboard / Mouse category. If you’ve previously changed this to be another button, then make sure to either rebind it accordingly or use what’s already selected.

What type of commands are available?

There are many different commands to use in CS2, which are all shown in the console itself when starting to type. However, other ones might be hidden due to them being only for dedicated servers. Keep this in mind when trying to find the best commands in the game.

Is using commands considered cheating?

Some CS2 commands are cheats, while others aren’t. For example, seeing enemies through walls is possible on private matches or servers and is considered cheating. Different commands might only impact your client, such as crosshairs, keybinds, and other features.


Using commands in Counter-Strike 2 allows players to personalize their gameplay experience. Whether you want to try out cheats to prank friends, explore maps with flight, customize crosshairs, reconfigure keybinds, or anything else, it’s important to always have the developer console enabled for that. This isn’t only for commands, as it can reveal useful information about your connection and in-game aspects. Many players use this to troubleshoot errors or loading problems to hopefully reach a solution. Regardless of what you use the developer console for in CS2, we hope this guide helped you learn more about it.

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