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NuVotifier (Bungeecord) Setup

Last modified on Dec 11, 2023 in plugins

mc head By Nathan Young


Advertising your Minecraft server is done through voting, with NuVotifier being the most popular plugin to do it. However, for Bungeecord and other connected servers, the setup can be a bit tricky for some owners. For instance, there are required preparations for all servers involved in your network, which may lead to frustrations from the configuration. Once it’s completed, you and others can easily vote and obtain rewards for it too. This can attract or retain players on your network, meaning it’ll slowly become popular. In this Apex Hosting tutorial, we’ll walk you through the needed steps to setup NuVotifier and rewards on your Bungeecord server.


As this installation and setup is for Bungeecord, make sure to review our guide here to get the proxy operational. In addition to NuVotifier, you’ll be installing VotingPlugin to support the reward system. Since all servers need voting abilities, make sure to install everything on all connected servers. This is required so Bungeecord can capture each vote and award the player. With this in mind, let’s get started!

  1. Head towards the NuVotifier and VotingPlugin Spigot pages, then press Download Now for each one.
    NuVotifier Download
  2. After downloading, navigate to your Apex server panel and enter in the FTP File Access area from the top left corner.
  3. Login with your password, then enter in the plugins folder and press Upload in the top left.
  4. Drag and drop the .jar files into the respective area, then wait for them to reach 100%.
    NuVotifier Installation
  5. Once they are finished uploading, return to the main panel and Restart the Bungeecord server.



Now that both plugins are installed, their files should be ready. Due to the different setups, we’ll split this into two sections for each of them. This will make the processes easier to digest and follow as you start developing the network voting system. Keeping this in mind, let’s begin with NuVotifer’s configuration.

NuVotifier Bungeecord Setup

  1. Head towards your server panel and enter in the FTP File Access area, near the top left.
  2. Use your password to login, then navigate to this directory: …/plugins/NuVotifier/
  3. Once there, continue to click Edit on the config.yml file to start the configuration.
  4. Change the port: 8192 setting to something else, such as 8024 or similar values.
    NuVotifier Port

    Note: Dedicated IPs can use 8192, but may require Support.

  5. Next, change the Method setting to pluginMessaging in Forwarding.
    NuVotifier Method
  6. Afterward, navigate to the connected server(s) and enter in their FTP area.
  7. Head to …/plugins/Votifier/ and press Edit on the config.yml file, then copy the Token value.
    NuVotifier Token
  8. After copying it, set the Port to -1 and Method to pluginMessaging.
  9. Return to your proxy’s NuVotifier config and paste the token accordingly at the bottom of the settings, where the server template is displayed.
    NuVotifier Proxy Token

    Note: Make sure the corresponding server information is entered too, such as the IP and Port. Do this for every server you want votes to be enabled.

  10. (Optional) Set onlySendToJoinedServer to true, causing players to receive votes on the server they’re playing.
  11. Afterward, you may test a vote with your Bungeecord’s NuVotifier public RSA key to see if it works.
    Note: The key is located in the rsa folder of the plugin’s directory.
    Minecraft Vote

    If you see a similar in-game message after vote testing, then the process is completed!


VotingPlugin Configuration

There is an alternative method to set up votes and rewards, but it is more complicated. This is due to the use of MySQL, a database used for collecting and storing information. Using this method is encouraged if you have a large network of servers. If you want to try it out, then review VotingPlugin’s Bungeecord Setup tutorial. Otherwise, we’ll continue configuring VotingPlugin on all backend servers to ensure the rewards are properly distributed.

  1. Start voting on all the sites you want linked to the proxy, which will generate needed reward settings.
  2. Afterward, head towards your connected server’s panel and enter in the FTP File Access area.
    Apex Hosting FTP File Access
  3. Login with you password and continue to this directory: …/plugins/VotingPlugin/
  4. Locate and press Edit on the VoteSites.yml file, then find your generated sites.
  5. Once the site options are located, add this below the Rewards section if you don’t see commands.
          - [enter command here]

    Note: There are no slashes when typing commands in the file. Use %player% to target the voter, so rewards are properly given.

  6. When it’s fully edited, it should resemble our example down below.
    VotingPlugin VoteSites

    The Messages section means the player will see that after voting, so it can be anything you want.

  7. Do this process again for all your VoteSites on each backend server to complete the setup.


Common Issues

Voting Doesn’t Work
This is a very popular issue among network owners trying to start voting, as many errors could have occurred. The first could be that you wrongly entered the IP and Port in the proxy’s NuVotifer config, so double-check this in the file. Otherwise, confirm if you’ve properly configured the backend server to receive the votes. For example, check the Method value to see if it’s pluginMessaging, as this is required. The last one is ensuring the tokens match for each connected server in the Bungeecord’s NuVotifier config file. This allows the backend servers to verify the proxy’s plugin to count the vote. However, if these solutions aren’t working then make sure the VotingPlugin’s VoteSites configuration is properly done.

Rewards Aren’t Working
If votes are successful, then make sure the exact configuration for Rewards is correct. For example, wrong spacing or placeholders can result in failed rewards. Additionally, don’t use any slashes for the commands since the file doesn’t read it. Furthermore, the command’s usage and other settings need to be perfect. If you’ve been trying at this for a long time, then delete the entire site’s settings and regenerate it by test voting. Afterward, try again and it should work after a few attempts.

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