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New Job Positions Available!

Posted: Mar 10, 2020 in Company News

mc head By ApexHosting

We have a wide variety of positions available here at Apex Hosting as we continue to be the best server hosting company in the world! Check out all the positions we currently have available!


  • Customer Support Agent($10/hr) Knowledgeable about Minecraft servers and their inner workings. The ideal Support rep has nearly countless hours of play time and experience with various plugins, mods, and server setups. If you know how to trouble shoot plugin conflicts, mod errors, and bungee servers then you’re our ideal candidate. This position requires a high activity on our live support chat, active participation in non-billing related support tickets, and a positive attitude.
  • PPC Specialist ($15/hr) Applicant must have comprehensive experience working with Google, Facebook, Twitter and other PPC advertising platforms. Main job responsibilities will be creation, management, testing and optimization of advertising campaigns throughout the customer lifecycle. Strong data analysis skills will be important to being successful in this position.
  • Front-End Web Developer ($15-20/hr) Please review our current branding on our website and other assets. You will be expected to continue and improve this structure while adding your own flair. Main job responsibilities will adding new content and styling pages in WYSIWYG and in code, A/B testing landing pages, rolling updates to WordPress, performance checks and bug fixes, bootstrap based theme development, interacting with analytics team and design team to effectively produce quality data driven results.
  • Back-End Developer ($15-20/hr) Requested languages are PHP, JavaScript, Node.JS, HTML, CSS, Java, C#, with experience in MVC frameworks and REST API. Experience working with Multicraft and other game server hosting besides Minecraft is a plus. Experience in Windows and Linux environments required. This role will be full development.
  • Twitch.tv Streamer ($10/hr) This position requires a very charismatic person whom can consistently engage with our Apex Hosting community on Twitch.tv. We are looking for someone with a very in depth knowledge about mods and all the latest modpacks to be able to teach viewers how to play. Video editing and Youtube experience is a major plus. When applying please provide your Twitch.tv channel for review.
  • Video Content Creator($15/hr) We are looking for a video editor to help edit our tutorials and other content to be shared to our community. Experience in Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas Pro is a must. When applying please provide your video portfolio.
  • Content Writer($10/hr) We are looking for a writer whom has a very in depth knowledge of everything Minecraft. This person will be writing blogs and tutorials relating to plugins, mods, server hosting and more to go up on our website. We are looking for someone with blogging and/or tutorial experience. When applying please provide your writing portfolio with any of your works.


If you feel that you excel in any of these positions please do not hesitate to apply over at our jobs page here! To increase your chances of being interviewed be sure to provide as much information as possible including resume, portfolios and more for us to be able to see how amazing you are! We wish you all the best of luck and hope that we get to work with some of you in the future!


Until next time,

Apex Hosting

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