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New CurseForge Website

Posted: May 1, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Many players of Minecraft try to enhance their gameplay through modifications and plugins, which are all found online. It can be difficult to find them, as there are many websites and sources out there. Fortunately, one of them became a well-known service offering both, but mainly mods. This is known as CurseForge, but recently changed their site’s theme. This either sparked confusion or frustration for people using it, especially when downloading files. Whether you’re wanting a modpack or plugins, it can be a hassle to navigate through their website now. Do you want them to change this back? Can you do it yourself? We’ll answer these questions and explain the new CurseForge theme. Let’s begin!

Updated Theme

If you’ve ever used the official CurseForge launcher, then the new website’s design will look familiar. Everything is darker and laid out just as their application, which some say is a good change. However, players that don’t use their launcher may find this annoying. People might not enjoy this, as they’ve been used to the older Legacy theme for years. Everything is jumbled into the “Minecraft Mods” category, rather than having subcategories like “Modpacks” or “Bukkit Plugins”.

New CurseForge Design

This only appears after you enter keywords in the search field, making it less convenient for those wanting to explore something new. Don’t worry though, the overall appeal is a lot slicker and easier on the eyes.

Possible Issues

New CurseForge Downloads

Briefly hinted above, there can be several problems with this new website theme. For example, if you’re wanting to find new modpacks or simply explore what’s possible, you’ll have a harder time doing it. This isn’t even the major issue though, as downloading files is challenging. Essentially, CurseForge wants you to download their launcher for everything now. It doesn’t give you a direct option to download a mod, plugin, or anything else due to their highly prioritized “Install” button.

You’ll have to open a small drop down menu to download it, rather than installing on their application. Even after this, a slightly frustrating advertisement for their own services appears while you wait for the file(s). This applies to everything, making it a nuisance for many Minecraft users.

Switching to Legacy Mode

If you’re wanting to learn how to revert back to old CurseForge, then you’re in the right place! Everywhere on their site, click the Legacy Website button at the top right corner. This will instantly switch you over to the normal and beloved design, but may not save your current spot on CurseForge. Don’t worry though, instead of this method you can simply replace “www” with “legacy” in the URL. This would look something like, legacy.curseforge.com. Doing this will save your spot on the site and still be switched over to the default theme most users enjoy.

How to Switch to Legacy Mode on CurseForge



Whether you like the new updated CurseForge website or not, some players have a harder time finding mods, modpacks, plugins, and more now. Others may simply dislike the constant advertisement of their official launcher, especially if they’ve already installed it. Will CurseForge revert these changes? The community doesn’t think so, which is amplified by the legacy toggle option. Regardless, we’ll have to get used to this new design. We hope this blog helped you understand how to change CurseForge back to normal and some possible issues with it. Have a good one, gamers!

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