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A Guide to Minecraft Turtles

Posted: Jan 15, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Minecraft has a wide variation of mobs to discover, breed, and use in your world. Some of these are completely pointless, while others are sought after due to their helpful features. A good example of this are turtles, as they lead players to two unique items that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Additionally, these green creatures have a completely different method to breeding than any other mob. Most players don’t even know this information since they get ignored a lot. If you’re wanting to change that today and become a turtle enjoyer, then let’s get started!

A Turtle’s Habitat

Minecraft Turtles

Turtles are, not surprisingly, found in sandy locations around your Minecraft world. These areas tend to be Beaches, but can also be in the Badlands biome near an ocean. Whether it’s normal sand blocks or its red variant, these green creatures love them all. However, if there isn’t any water source nearby, turtles will become unhappy. This is why you don’t find them stranded in jungles or forests, especially when no oceans are available. As for their spawn rates, expect to see small groups and possibly the maximum number of five. Most of the time, you’ll be finding just a handful of them in the world.

How to Breed Turtles in Minecraft

Minecraft Seagrass

Once you’ve found some lovely turtles, you might want to breed them. These aren’t like other creatures though, as they require Seagrass to breed. Players can collect this item by crafting and using Sheers, which only needs two pieces of iron ingots. This means pretty much anyone can start breeding turtles, including newbies. The only downside is that the process may take a long time due to how turtles are created.

Minecraft Breeding Turtles

When you hold seagrass in your hand, right-click on your turtles to initiate the breeding activity. After a little bit of mingling, you’ll see one creature attempting to lay eggs. However, if there isn’t any room for them to do this, then it’ll continuously keep trying. This can take some time to complete, as multiple eggs can appear once a solid spot is found. You’ll also obtain The Parrots and the Bats achievement, if you don’t already have it.


Turtle Eggs

Minecraft Turtle Eggs

After the turtles are finished laying eggs, they’ll be either one or multiple on a single block. Be careful, don’t walk over them! These eggs are precious and can easily break with force, so ensure they stay safe. You may also notice that they aren’t hatching right away, even if you try using seagrass. This is intentional, as it only hatches after the egg cracks three times from random ticks.

Once hatched, you’ll see the cutest and tiniest little turtle in your life! These creatures are so small that you can easily lose them, so watch out. Similarly to other mobs, you can use the breeding item to speed up their growth into adulthood. In other words, take any leftover seagrass and feed your baby turtles so they can grow up into healthy adults. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait 20 minutes for the process to finish.

Baby Minecraft Turtle


Item Rewards

Minecraft Turtle Shell
Minecraft Turtle Master Potion

Breeding these green creatures will provide you and players alike some unique items, possibly helping you more than others. Before crafting any of them, you’ll need to collect Scute from baby turtles. This item drops after they grow up, which leaves behind a bright green blob to pick up. When you gather five scutes, a new recipe is unlocked! Introducing my favorite item of all time, the Turtle Shell. This provides players with ten seconds of waterbreathing while wearing it, plus two armor points. If that isn’t worthwhile for you, then use it to brew a Potion of the Turtle Master. This consumable offers Resistance IV and Slowness IV, making it the only potion giving two effects at once. Either way, you’ll be getting a unique item that cannot be obtained by other means.


Turtles in Minecraft tend to be dismissed by countless players, as they are slow moving and uneventful creatures. However, you’ve just learned about their awesomeness to help you collect special items! Whether you craft a turtle shell to wear on your blocky head or brew a one-of-a-kind potion with two effects, turtles aren’t useless. Instead of breeding and leaving them, like so many players do, build a nice aquarium habitat for them to swim around. This can be a wonderful addition to your base, as it may provide an aesthetic vibe. We hope this helped you understand more about turtles in Minecraft, have a good one gamers!

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