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Minecraft Trolling Ideas

Posted: Jun 23, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Having fun with your friends in Minecraft can take many forms, with trolling being an extremely common one. Whether you scare or mess around with them, there are countless ways to do it. This is amplified with mods and plugins, as they introduce some cool features that allow you to be devious. Just imagine it, you pretend to be Herobrine or curse them with unbelievable luck in the game. This would be laughed all around the dinner table, but how do you even do this? Don’t worry, we’ll answer this question and shed light on this important topic. Let’s begin!

How to Troll in Minecraft

How to Troll in Minecraft

As hinted above, players can use tons of methods to troll in Minecraft. Pranksters over 10 years ago started blowing up their friend’s house, which eventually led to more creative ways for trolling others. Remember, you can use plugins or mods to introduce new features to become the perfect troller. A wonderful example of this is the ability to change your skin to anything, including your friend! Another one is to add a special block that can be configured to blow up upon being broken. These tactics are delightfully evil, so hopefully your targets don’t get too mad. With there being so many methods, we’ll give you some ideas down below, regardless if you’re using addons or not.

Vanilla Tactics

The classic way of trolling players in Minecraft is to use TNT, Creeper Eggs, and Bedrock with cheats or operator permissions. These items can be manually spawned with the /give command or simply by entering creative mode. You can block off their chests with unbreakable bedrock, or better yet a barrier block. Otherwise, you can spawn creepers near them while being invisible so they get a surprise of a lifetime when turning around. Rigging up TNT with redstone might also be a viable option to troll, as they’ll have no idea what they’re literally walking into. These ideas may seem common knowledge, but it’s gonna get complicated soon enough.

Minecraft Vanilla Trolling


Devious Plugins

Minecraft Custom Images Troll

Instead of using the classic trolling methods, players can use plugins to try new things out. For example, using Custom Images allows you to spawn anything you want in-game to scare them. This is perfect for any unsuspecting players in your Minecraft server. Rather than a static image doing the scaring, you can pretend to be them or an evil character with ChangeSkinX. Becoming Herobrine and hiding in a mineshaft, waiting for them…that sure sounds like a good prank! Otherwise, you can cast Curses onto your friends to make them get hurt by water or being unable to control their camera. The possibilities are truly endless!


Funny Mods

Rather than plugins, using mods might be an even better option. Players must download them before joining, so they’ll know what’s installed on the server. However, you can configure specific options for them to get pranked. A couple good ones to use are Chance Cubes or Lucky Block, mods introducing a new block that triggers random events upon being broken. This can be tweaked to always give bad things, like falling TNT from the sky. Otherwise, making the event spawn an entire village at their location would be hilarious. Think about it, they most likely want to open these blocks around their base…which will be shredded to pieces.

Minecraft Troll Mods


Trolling Suggestions

Minecraft Trolling Ideas

These ideas aren’t even all of them! There are literally hundreds of methods to troll, so get creative if you want the best results. Although, don’t overload your world or server with these pranks since that can become problematic. For instance, if you play around with WorldEdit and spawn endless amounts of mobs around your friend, it can crash everything. It’s best to make backups of your world, especially if you’re wanting to revert all the destruction you caused. With this in mind, take some time to reflect on how you’ll troll friends in Minecraft!


Well, that’s about it this time folks. There are many different ways to troll and prank in the game, especially with mods or plugins. Remember, don’t over do it! This can be a double edged sword if you do, but also provides tons of entertainment. Whether you summon hordes of zombies or set up a rigged chance cube, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to prank others. Hopefully your friends don’t get too upset, but if they do then simply restore your backup (if you made one). We hope this sheds some light on trolling in Minecraft for you. Have a good one, gamers!

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