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Minecraft Survival: Illegal Blocks

Posted: Mar 11, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Minecraft receives regular updates each year, with some offering new bugs or unique features. Some of these are April Fool’s Day snapshots and legitimate versions, providing you with the possibility of getting illegal blocks. Have you ever wondered about getting command blocks in survival mode? What about barriers? There are many different types of illegal blocks in Minecraft, with most being obtainable without cheat commands. There are many methods to do this for Java and Bedrock Edition – with only one being suitable for both. Let’s begin to explore the best way to get illegal blocks in Minecraft!

How to Get Illegal Blocks in Minecraft

The idea of obtaining Minecraft illegal blocks is tempting, as we all wondered at some point if it’s even possible. Bedrock is the first and most popular choice for players, as it’s readily available in any world. Using glitches and exploits with Redstone engineering is a popular method to get illegal blocks. However, did you know that there are two Minecraft snapshots that allow you to pick up anything? Due to their incompatibility, transferring chunks from their respective worlds into yours is required. This process can be difficult and frustrating, along with risky since corruption can happen.

Minecraft Illegal Blocks


Changing Minecraft Versions

Switching between specific older Minecraft versions provides you with the means to get illegal blocks, and then transfer them to your original world. For example, you could use Snapshot 20w16a to find a hidden barrier block in a Nether bastion! We can only speculate why it’s there in the first place, but it exists nonetheless. Using this information, we can change to another snapshot to grab it and transfer the data to your other world. The following Minecraft versions below are required for this type of process. If you attempt to do any of this, make sure to backup your data.

Minecraft Snapshot 20w14Infinite
Minecraft Snapshot 20w14Infinite

The snapshot that changed dimensions forever was released as a joke but quickly became one of the most infamous versions of all time. Snapshot 20w14Infinite allows you to throw written books in a Nether portal so they transform into a completely new world. The best one to obtain illegal blocks is “Skygrid”, a dimension containing every single block in existence – including ones that aren’t supposed to be in the game. Using glitches and exploits, it’s possible to get all of them!


Minecraft Snapshot 22w13oneBlockAtATime

However, some illegal blocks require another specific Minecraft version…Snapshot 22w13oneBlockAtATime. After setting up your exploit machine, switch to this release and pick it up. Some redstone contraptions can work for this process, but it depends on your expertise. Once obtained, throw it in the air so it lands on your head. This can be transferred to your other world so the illegal block gets saved. This snapshot is extremely useful for all kinds of methods! If you try this, we wish you the best of luck since it’s hard.

Minecraft Snapshot 22w13oneBlockAtATime


Using Glitches / Exploits

As previously mentioned above, players can use glitches and exploits to get illegal blocks in Minecraft. This even applies to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition! For instance, creating a unique redstone machine allows you to mine Nether portal blocks. There are many tutorials available to showcase this, along with other methods for different items in Java Edition. Keep this information in mind when trying to obtain illegal blocks in Minecraft.

Minecraft Illegal Blocks

Whether you want bedrock, end portal frames, or other illegal blocks, there’s always a method to do that in Minecraft survival mode. The only problem is that most of this is complicated and extremely challenging to accomplish – with world chunk / playerdata transfers being the top issues. If you want to see someone else do all of this, consider watching this video. The player went through and collected every single illegal block in Minecraft! Who knows, maybe you and your friends can give it a shot on your own dedicated server.

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