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Minecraft Snapshot 24w10a

Posted: Mar 20, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

As Minecraft continues to work on the 1.21 update, new snapshots are released for players to test out upcoming features. These help Mojang clear up any bugs or issues that might appear. You can take part in this by loading up Minecraft Snapshot 24w10a, including on a server! This version adds wolf variants to the game and custom banners, along with various other changes. This update is perfect for those looking to further customize their base or wolves. Let’s begin to explore everything about the Minecraft Snapshot 24w10a!

Snapshot 24w10a

As of March 6th, 2024, Mojang released Snapshot 24w10a for Minecraft. This means they are one step closer to the full version of 1.21, but they still have a long way to go. Many of the older bugs were fixed, datapacks got updated, wolves come in different patterns, and customizable banners are here! Whether you want to focus on personalizing your base more or building the best wolf army, you have new opportunities now. The following sections will showcase these changes to help you understand more about them.

Minecraft Wolf Variations

There are now 8 new variations of wolves in Minecraft with Snapshot 24w10a. These are found within specific biomes, making them harder to come by compared to a regular wolf. Whether you stumble upon an Ashen Wolf in Snowy Taigas or Spotted Wolf in Savanna Plateaus, there are all kinds of variations to check out. While finding all of them in your Minecraft world, consider using wolf armor to protect them from attacks. It might just save their life!

Minecraft wolf variants


New Custom Banners

Minecraft custom banner update

Fan of customization? Sweet – you can now create your own custom banners in Minecraft with the Snapshot 24w10a. This requires the use of datapacks and resource packs to accomplish. More technical information about this setup can be found on the official changelog. It essentially allows you to create a new crafting recipe in the Loom, allowing anyone with these packs to have custom banners. For example, spelling out words is now possible to decorate your base.


Various Bug Fixes

Beyond the two main features above, the Minecraft Snapshot 24w10a resolves many of the previous bugs found in other versions. These include crashes, textures, sounds, status/player effects, and more. In other words, the gameplay of your Minecraft world and server shouldn’t run into common issues from the past – if you’ve been playing on older snapshots. Let’s hope to continue seeing Mojang improve and optimize Minecraft in future releases!

Play with Friends in Minecraft Snapshot 24w10a

Want to host your own Minecraft Snapshot 24w10a server to play with friends and family? If so, then purchase here to get started today! This provides you the means to test out upcoming features in Minecraft 1.21, including experimental features. Build that perfect wolf army, explore new trial chambers, or customize your base with new banners – the choice is yours to make. Besides all that, we hope this blog helped you learn more about Minecraft Snapshot 24w10a. Have a good one, gamers!

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