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Minecraft Snapshot 23w31a

Posted: Aug 16, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


There’s yet another Minecraft snapshot for you to try out in-game, known as 23w31a. Unlike others, this update introduces players to a new trading system for specific villagers, unique diamond ore generation, along with optimizations and helpful bug fixes. As Minecraft continues to develop, we’ll expect more of these snapshots to be released. However, this particular one is game changing and might spark outrage in the community. It all boils down to your playstyle, especially if you’re an avid trader or miner. Let’s take a look at the Minecraft snapshot 23w31a in this Apex Hosting blog to get you started!

Snapshot 23w31a

Minecraft Snapshot 23w31a

As of August 2nd, 2023, Mojang released the 23w31a snapshot for Minecraft. This is the first update for 1.20.2, making it an important step forward for the game’s development. You might be shocked at what’s changed in this snapshot, as it can alter how you play Minecraft! For instance, getting enchanted books from librarians is no longer simple. Another example includes finding diamond ores in caves, but fortunately is easier for players to locate in the world. There are even brand new changes to how chunks load on your computer and many other technical updates. The following subsections will reveal the most important changes in the Minecraft snapshot 23w31a.

Experimental Features

Similar to bundle items being introduced to Minecraft, there’s a new experimental feature for you to try out. This is called Villager Trade Rebalance, meaning these characters will have unique offers depending on the biome they’re residing. At the moment, this only applies to librarians since Mojang is trying to limit how many enchanted books are available in-game. For instance, you’ll need to use swamps to get mending from now on in Minecraft. Other features include wandering traders having better deals such as enchanted iron pickaxes or invisibility potions for sale.

Minecraft Librarian


Diamond Ore Distribution

Minecraft Diamond Ore

If you’ve been having trouble finding diamonds in Minecraft for a long time, then don’t worry! With the 23w31a snapshot, you’ll be able to find more of these ores in deepslate layers. This means players will be rewarded with extra diamonds for their efforts, rather than locating a few of them. Essentially, Mojang increased the ore’s generation chance for this particular level in caves. Make sure to grab your enchanted diamond pickaxe and go mining for them!


Chunk Sending Optimization

In cases where you or others have been timing out while loading into Minecraft worlds, then you’re in luck. This snapshot introduces new chunk optimization, allowing smaller batches of data to transmit compared to larger bunches. In other words, low bandwidth users don’t have to stress too much about connectivity or lag issues. However, it’s always encouraged to optimize your game settings just in case too. This is a big help for any avid Minecraft player!

Minecraft Chunk Optimization


Other Changes

Minecraft 23w31a Changes

Another big part of this update is that datapacks and resource packs are now configurable to support multiple game versions. This gets a bit technical, but essentially there are lots of new fields and settings for developers to use for this kind of support. If you’re wanting more details about this, we encourage you to review the official documentation about it. Besides this, there have been tons of bug fixes in this snapshot, such as water freezing with random tick speed being set to zero or visual glitches with entities. There have been over 50 fixes introduced in this update, meaning many common to rare issues are now resolved.


Whether you were interested in optimization or the new trading system with librarians, there are plenty of features and changes in the Minecraft snapshot 23w31a. We encourage you to load this up on a dedicated server to play with friends to see what’s changed for your gameplay. Remember, some of these features require experimental features to be enabled. This also applies to singleplayer, so make sure to activate the ones you want accordingly. Besides this, we hope this blog helped you learn more about the 23w31a snapshot in Minecraft. Have a good one, gamers!

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