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Minecraft Snapshot 20w22a Available Now!

Posted: Jun 2, 2020 in Company News

mc head By ApexHosting

This latest Minecraft snapshot brings out some experimental rendering changes and a ton of bug fixes! We’re on the edge of our sets waiting for the official release of 1.16 and it seems that with a focus on bug fixes, the time might just be upon us!


Experimental Rendering Changes


They’ve included some experimental changes to graphics rendering in this snapshot, which might reveal some issues on a small number of older graphics cards.

If do you find any new graphical bugs then please report them to the bug tracker with the make and model of your graphics card as well as which operating system you are using


New Features In 20w22a


  • Piglinsnow sometimes dance in celebration of a completed hunt


Changes In 20w22a


  • Villager workstation logic changes
  • Bells can be hung from the underside of more blocks
  • When a villager that was traded with is struck by lightning, the witch it converts to will no longer despawn
  • Players can no longer mount another entity when the crouch key is held down


Technical Changes In 20w22a


  • Added the ability to control the height of the spreadplayers command
  • Added custom worlds and custom dimensions


Villager Workstation Logic


  • Villagers no longer try to work at the same workstation
  • The most experienced nearby villager for the profession corresponding to the workstation you add will get the workstation
  • Villagers now have to walk to and reach the workstation before they can acquire the profession/work there
  • Villagers can no longer claim workstations/professions during raids or night time.
  • Villagers will check and make sure their workstation is valid at all times of day as long as they are within 16 blocks of their workstation.


Technical Changes in 20w22a


  • Added shader support for accessing depth buffer
  • Renderer now uses per-pixel blending layers for some transparent elements
  • Slightly changed datapack loading to prevent custom datapacks from crashing
  • Cached repeated block type lookups and collisions during pathfinding for increased performance
  • Minor optimizations in collision detection
  • Top-level element in predicate file can now be array (all contents will be ANDed)


Datapack Loading


  • If datapack reload fails, changes will not be applied and the game will continue using previous data
  • If existing datapacks prevent world from loading, the game will give option to load world in safe mode, which loads only vanilla datapack
  • Changes to datapack list are stored only after successful reload
  • Added –safeMode option to server to load only with vanilla datapack
  • Game will now detect critical datapack issues, like missing required tags and prevent world from being loaded


The update is closer than ever before!


Mojang has still yet to reveal the release date for the new Nether Update but we hope you enjoy catching up on all of the latest changes that are in store! We hope to see incredible builds and creative uses of all of these new changes as well!


Until next time,

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