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Minecraft Snapshot 20w21a Available Now!

Posted: May 25, 2020 in Company News

mc head By ApexHosting

This latest Minecraft snapshot brings us some experimental features that we’re pretty excited about! Added support for custom world settings and dimensions could make for some pretty incredible worlds and we’re ecstatic to dive in and take a look!


New Features in 20w21a


  • Added the ability to toggle redstone wire between a cross and a dot
  • Added import/export world settings functionality
  • Added a new disableMultiplayer command line option – when used, the Multiplayer button is disabled
  • Added a new disableChat command line option – when used, receiving and sending online chat is disabled


Redstone Toggle


  • When right clicking a single piece of redstone, it toggles between a the cross and the dot
  • A dot of redstone will not power its surrounding blocks


Changes In 20w21a


  • Piglins no longer walk around when admiring gold
  • If you hurt a piglin while it is admiring an ingot, the ingot will now disappear
  • Increased the chance of ores to generate in the Basalt Deltas to balance against the reduced amount of Netherrack in this biome
  • Lily pads are now considered junk fishing loot rather than treasure
  • Updated logos for Mojang Studios and Minecraft
  • Temporarily removed structure settings from flat level preset strings (workaround: use import/export settings functionality)


Technical Changes In 20w21a


  • Added the ability to control the height of the spreadplayers command
  • Added custom worlds and custom dimensions





Added an optional argument to specify maximum height.

New syntax: spreadplayers <center> <spreadDistance> <maxRange> [under <maxHeight>] <respectTeams> <targets>

  • maxHeight – Specifies the maximum height for resulting positions



    • Structure names are now specified as lowercase


Custom Worlds


  • Added experimental support for new custom worlds
  • Edit world screen now has an option to export world settings to a JSON file
  • During world creation you can import previously exported world settings
  • A bunch of new parameters are exposed, but marked as experimental, meaning you can play with them, but there is no guarantee that any of them will continue working (even in the next snapshot!)
  • Flat level preset string lost structure settings (they are now stored in a common format for all worlds), we will restore some form of this functionality soon
  • Buffet world can no longer be created from server.properties, flat level settings changed a bit; better support for custom world creation on the server is coming soon


The update is closer than ever before!


Mojang has still yet to reveal the release date for the new Nether Update but we hope you enjoy catching up on all of the latest changes that are in store! We hope to see incredible builds and creative uses of all of these new changes as well!

Until next time,

Apex Hosting

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