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Minecraft Snapshot 18W15A

Posted: Apr 18, 2018 in Minecraft Server Updates

mc head By ApexHosting

Have You Played On Snapshot 18W15A Yet?

We are back to check out another new snapshot filled with new features for you to enjoy.

Here at Apex, we love to look at all the new and exciting features in the new snapshots, let’s take a look what’s been added in 18W15A.

  • Dolphins have now been added to the game and spawn in oceans that aren’t frozen.
  • Water now has multiple colors depending on location. Swamps are now icky and gross.
  • A new bock has been added called a Conduit but we currently don’t know what it does or what it’s for.
  • A new block has been added, blue ice.
  • Two new items have been added Heart of the Sea and Nautilus Shell.
  • Players no longer have the “night vision effect” underwater.
  • Players can now swim through 1×1 block holes.

Check out the full changelog here.

You can find a guide on changing your server version here.

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