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Minecraft Water Elevator Guide

Posted: Apr 19, 2021 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


Ok, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. I’ll admit it. I want an easy, efficient method of bringing myself up and down in a quick manner. Elevators have been around in Minecraft for a long time, using complex redstone contraptions for the most part. Although this has been the status quo for a long time, ever since 1.13 Update Aquatic, Mojang has blessed us with new mechanics that can be used to make the simplest elevators that take up the least amount of space. Today, I’ll teach you how it’s done. Let’s get started.


Here’s the stuff that you’re gonna need.

– 1 Soul Sand
– 1 Magma block
– Water buckets

The Design

Elevator Design

Bask in its glory! The glass is merely used as a reference block, just so you could see the inner workings of this awesome contraption! If this elevator system was completely submerged in water, no blocks are necessary. Now, let’s go over how it works.

Basically, ever since 1.13, Soul Sand and Magma Blocks have unique properties. When water is placed on top of Soul Sand, anything in the water will be shot up at rapid speed. Items, players, and even mobs. Magma Blocks work in reverse, pulling anything in the water above it down at a rapid speed. The idea and design behind this elevator system is to have a 1×1 shaft filled with water source blocks that can be entered through an opening.

You might be wondering “Mr.Dave, why wouldn’t we just swim up or down the shaft?” Well, the answer is pretty simple. Assuming you needed an elevator in the first place, there might be a really long distance between the top and bottom of wherever you need to get to. The speed of the Soul Sand and Magma Block ensures that you won’t drown on your way to your destination.

elevator functionality

To prevent the water from leaking out of the shaft, you can use doors or fence gates. This allows you to walk through the opening, but prevents the water from flowing out.


This is the simplest and most effective way to create a water elevator in Minecraft, as of now. Minecraft is an ever-changing game that constantly develops new metas and ways of doing things. Less than a couple of years ago, this elevator wouldn’t have been possible. It also helps that the items necessary for this system are easy to obtain. I hope this guide helped you build your own water elevator, and with that said, have a great day!

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