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Minecraft RCON Setup

Last modified on Apr 23, 2024 in General

mc head By Nathan Young

Monitoring your Minecraft server plays an important role in being an owner, as you must manage activities and events in-game. Whether you need to ban cheaters or broadcast messages to your players, the primary tool used for such tasks is the console. This is where most details are stored, including commands and user info. There’s only one area where you can access the console, your server panel – but an alternative is available to make it easier. Introducing the Remote Console (RCON), a separate area for you to send commands and receive information. It works similarly to its counterpart but with a more technical interface. Trying to use RCON for Minecraft servers is challenging, as setting it up proves to be problematic. However, there are methods to get around these obstacles. With this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to enable and use RCON for your Minecraft server.

Remote Console Tutorial

Setting up RCON for Minecraft servers is extremely easy, but using it can be challenging. Due to this tool being a remote console, it involves an external program or service. This means you must find the appropriate software or website to use RCON in Minecraft. Fortunately, we’ve done our research and found good applications for you to consider. The following subsections below will showcase everything you need to know about setting up and using the remote console.

How to Setup RCON for Your Minecraft Server

Before getting started, make sure you’ve purchased a Minecraft server with us if you haven’t already. Our user interface allows you to quickly set up a remote console, which is shown down below. When you’re ready, follow along!

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click Config Files at the top left.
    Minecraft Server Config Files
  2. Select the Server Settings category, then locate the RCON options.
  3. Change Enable RCON to “Enabled” and enter anything in the RCON Password field.
    Minecraft Server RCON Setup
  4. Continue to click the Save button at the bottom, then restart the server.
  5. If successful, you’ll notice “RCON running on IP Address:Port” in the console.
    Minecraft RCON
  6. If this doesn’t appear, change the RCON Port field to other similar values and try again.


How to Use Minecraft Server RCON

As previously mentioned above, there are many programs and services available for you to use a Minecraft server RCON. For our purposes, we’ll be using a secured online application. However, we highly recommend checking out this wiki to find more options. The following steps might look different depending on the program or service but still should be similar.

  1. Navigate to or load up your RCON application, such as CMS Engine.
  2. Proceed to use your Minecraft server IP Address:RCON Port and Password to login.
    Minecraft RCON Access
  3. If successful, an authentication message will appear in the prompt.
  4. Continue to type and enter any valid commands in the text box to test the connection.
    Minecraft RCON Service
  5. If this works, then begin using the remote console however you see fit.


RCON Advice

Minecraft RCON Tutorial

Each RCON application you use will be different but with some similarities. Due to this, we’ll teach you some general tips to better understand them. To get started, always review the remote console program or service documentation, rules, or guidelines. This reveals knowledge behind its inner workings, allowing you to safely and easily use it. For example, some apps might require prefixes like “-p” for the login credentials. If you have trouble with your program, then consider researching online for specific assistance.

Besides this, there are more advanced properties to consider when choosing or using RCON services – visit this resource to learn about them. Additionally, make sure to avoid using sketchy remote console tools since it can become a safety risk to your Minecraft server. In other words, choose wisely when deciding on what application to try. In the event that problems arise, immediately cease connection and change the “RCON Password” to a more secure one.


Why can’t I find the RCON confirmation message?

This is likely caused by an invalid configuration or unsaved changes from the Server Settings. Make sure you’ve successfully enabled the RCON option, set a password, and click Save at the bottom. Afterward, restart the server and see if the confirmation message appears in the console.

Why am I unable to connect to my RCON application?

This can result from an incorrect password, IP Address:RCON Port use, or outdated application. Double-check your login credentials and program / service to see if that helps, as some apps may be dysfunctional. Alternatively, this could be a sign that you’ve never configured the Minecraft server correctly beforehand.

Why do error messages appear after sending commands?

Error messages pop up depending on a variety of reasons, such as limitations from the RCON application, invalid commands, or unauthorized login sessions. If everything is done correctly and these issues still occur, consider contacting the developers or group behind your remote console tool.

What RCON programs or services are the best?

This depends on how advanced you want the remote console to be, as they come in all different sizes. For instance, we highly recommend using CMS Engine’s Minecraft RCON service for those looking to easily send commands and receive information. Otherwise, you must search online for others to see what works best for you.

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