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Minecraft Poisonous Potato Update

Posted: Apr 11, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Every April Fool’s Day, Mojang releases a funny Minecraft snapshot for everyone to enjoy. These aren’t meant to be taken seriously, as they have features that are absolutely wild! Past examples include only being allowed to pick up one block, with no inventory or ability to craft items. Obviously, this will never be in the official version of Minecraft – but that doesn’t stop players from having fun! This year, Mojang released the Poisonous Potato Update which completely reshapes how we see potatoes. They aren’t just items to eat, as they’re living beings and originate from a brand new dimension. Let’s explore what this snapshot has to offer!

Minecraft 24w14potato

On April 1, 2024, you’re able to download and play the 24w14potato snapshot that introduces a wide variety of blocks, items, mobs, a dimension, and a boss. This is shockingly jam-packed full of content, as we don’t expect large changes even for a joke update. Many players in the Minecraft community claim that this snapshot has more features than the upcoming 1.21 update – and you’ll see why! There is a brand new dimension, with its own unique biomes, blocks, items, and more waiting to be discovered. Reaching this area in survival mode requires you to find a potato pedestal, which is needed to ignite the portal. There’s a curious little friend that helps you along the way, which is found in the bonus / starter chest in new worlds. We’ll be beginning our journey there and exploring the rest of the Poisonous Potato Update in Minecraft.

Potato Story Begins

Minecraft Poisonous Potato Plant
Minecraft Poisonous Potato Narrator

Upon loading up a new world with the Minecraft 24w14potato snapshot, players can find a Poisonous Potato Plant in the bonus chest. This can be worn on your head, which reveals a narrator for the story. Players must jump around to acknowledge its messages and continue with the commentary. Your first mission is to find any nearby village, so get started by exploring the world around you. Afterward, fun and entertaining little jokes will be played throughout the experience – until you’re met with the ultimate task of finding the potato pedestal.

The Potato Portal

Similar to finding the stronghold, players need to use eyes to reach the potato pedestal for the portal. This can be crafted with poisonous potatoes, making them easily obtainable. Make sure you stock up on them, as they can quickly break like ender pearls. If you’re lucky, the destination is only a few hundred blocks away! If you’re unfortunate enough, then you must continue traveling until you find the potato pedestal structure. These are similar to ruined portals found throughout the world.

Minecraft Potato Eyes
Minecraft Potato Portal

Once you locate the structure, open the chest for goodies and unique potato equipment to start the journey. Grab a poisonous potato and right-click the pedestal to activate the portal. Alternatively, using cheats is another option to get everything needed. We strongly recommend gathering enough supplies and gear before adventuring in this new dimension, as the terrain is extremely dangerous! The same goes with armor and weapons, as fierce mobs will await you.


Poisonous Potato Dimension

While inside the new dimension in Minecraft’s Poisonous Potato Update, players will be greeted with a large variety of jungles, villages, plains, mountains, floating islands, and more. Consider getting new blocks like potato tree wood, they make for a great base design. Otherwise, make sure to stock up on any viable block since navigating through the islands can be challenging. This experience is similar to the Aether but with potatoes! Grabbing friends along for the ride is also a great way to enjoy this journey.

Minecraft Poisonous Potato Dimension
Minecraft Potato Dimension

This new potato dimension isn’t just limited to potatoes, as there are even diamonds and other value materials scattered throughout the world. If you go underground, you might just find surprises like mineshafts! These structures can contain sweet loot, but also death if you happen to fall into the void. Don’t get lost – you still have your poisonous potato narrator waiting for you to reach the boss. The whole purpose of the Minecraft 24w14potato snapshot is to provide you with a funny way to beat the game.


Mega Spud, Potato Overlord

Minecraft Mega Spud
Minecraft Mega Spud Fight

After locating the boss via the potato eyes, players will be faced with Mega Spud, the final boss for this world. It’s an extremely large poisonous potato, along with countless enemies surrounding it. These monsters come in waves, which force you to defeat them all before even damaging the main boss. These include spiders, creepers, new guardian-type mobs, and mysterious large entities. Even with fully enchanted netherite equipment, players will have a difficult time slaying them all – especially when the chamber is enclosed in a small space. Good luck!

Minecraft April Fools 2024

There are many other features in the Minecraft Poisonous Potato Update, so much so that we can’t fit them all in this article! Many players in the community took note that Mojang placed a lot of effort into this April Fool’s Day snapshot, more so than other versions. Hopefully, we see similar results in the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 Update. Regardless, this year had one of the best joke snapshots of all time – offering you a new dimension with loads of blocks, items, and mobs to defeat. Some might consider the Mega Spud to be harder than the Ender Dragon, as there are many more challenges to overcome. Whether you’re a fan of this update or not, this one is going down in history. Give it a shot yourself with friends today!

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