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Minecraft Ore Levels

Posted: Feb 28, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Working towards that ultimate goal in your Minecraft world requires lots of hard work and effort. Whether you want to construct the largest castle in history or focus on crafting the best equipment, the possibilities are endless. However – all of this requires resources. The most popular kinds of ores, as they provide players with the essential ingredients for tools, items, and blocks. Without mining for them, you won’t ever advance in-game. Due to the importance of ores, it’s equally important to understand where they are generated in the world. This isn’t an easy task, as it all depends on your specific version. With this in mind, let’s explore the different ore levels in Minecraft and some helpful tips to get you started!

Minecraft Ore Distribution

Since the release of Minecraft 1.18, the entire ore generation has changed. Instead of a smaller world-size limit, it’s now bigger! This means more ores can spawn throughout each biome, with some having unique Y-levels. It can quickly become overwhelming to some players, as they might forget that it’s changed…especially when hunting for diamonds. We’ve created two tables below that showcase the levels for specific ores according to their game version – check them out!

1.17 and below
Coal124 to 0
Iron60 to 0
Copper92 to 0
Lapis26 to 0
Gold26 to 0
Redstone15 to 0
Emerald26 to 3
Diamond15 to 0
1.18 and above
Coal256 to 0
Iron256 to -64
Copper112 to -16
Lapis64 to -64
Gold32 to -64
Redstone15 to -64
Emerald256 to -15
Diamond16 to -64


Best Minecraft Biome for Gold Ingots

Those looking to craft golden apples, armor, or anything else with gold ingots should consider exploring the Badlands – it’s full of this stuff! Walking around in subsurface caves can quickly reveal gold ore, but mineshafts are the best for them. These structures are easily spotted, as they are found in nearby mountainsides, rather than deep underground. This can also lead you towards bigger cave systems for even more gold ore. Unfortunately, the Badlands biome is rare to find in most Minecraft worlds.

Minecraft Badlands


How to Quickly Find Diamonds in Minecraft

Minecraft Diamonds

One of the best resources in Minecraft is diamonds, offering players stronger equipment than anything else commonly found in the overworld. Depending on your version, there are a few ways to quickly find them. For example, in Minecraft 1.18+ you can almost guarantee they’ll generate in deep dark cave systems. Finding them can be tricky, so we recommend making large strip mines – 1×1 or 1×2 in block size. For those on lower versions, you can do the same but on the diamond’s respective Y-level. Alternatively, looting chests in dungeons or mineshafts is another good way too!


Minecraft Netherite Farming

Players wanting the strongest equipment in Minecraft must travel to the Nether, in hopes of finding ancient debris. This is one of the rarest blocks in the game, as it generates in super low quantities – along with being deep underground in another dimension. We advise you to craft lots of beds and begin exploding around Y-level 15, offering you quick access to this rare material. Keep in mind that you’ll need blast protection or durable armor to survive against the explosions. Alternatively, using mining enchants is another option to find ancient debris in Minecraft.

Minecraft Netherite Farm


Minecraft Mining Enchantments

Minecraft Anvil Enchantment

What are the best enchantments for Minecraft? Easy! They are efficiency and fortune, with others like mending to help prevent the pickaxe from breaking. Using these buffs can significantly improve your gameplay experience, so we highly suggest obtaining them. Making mob farms is a great way to gain EXP, so you can use an enchantment table or anvil with enchanted books.


Ores in Minecraft

Whether you want extra coal for fuel or diamonds for stronger equipment, mining ores in Minecraft is extremely useful. Understanding their generation according to your specific game version is also helpful, as it provides you with the knowledge to quickly obtain them. Remember, players on 1.18 and above will have to use the new ore distribution levels – while 1.17 and below stick to the older ways. In any case, we hope this blog helped you learn all about the Minecraft ore levels. Have a good one, gamers!

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