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Minecraft News: Snapshot 19w08b

Minecraft Snapshot 19w08b Is Available Now!


The final phase is upon us for the 1.14 Village & Pillage update and all that remains “bug fixing and polishing”. But you didn’t think that was it did you? Of course not. Mojang still left us some new fancy features to play with in the update. Let’s check them out!


  • One Iron Golem now spawns in all villages upon generation
  • Invisibility Improvements for it too work correctly in more cases.
  • Added Leather Horse Armor
  • Tons of dye colors for the new Horse Armor
  • Foxes, Dolphins and Pandas can no longer have armor equipped onto them via dispensers


There is tons more technical level fixes, bug fixes and more added into this update so be sure to check out the full run down over here!


See you for the next update! ( Hopefully the Village and Pillage Update 😉 )

Team Apex