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Minecraft News: 20w12a Available Now!

Posted: Mar 27, 2020 in Minecraft Server Updates

mc head By ApexHosting

Mojang has been hard at work consistently improving the game and making sure we have plenty of new fun things to play with! New snapshot build brings some pretty great changes to how you will be playing! Let’s get into it and check out what’s new!


New Features in 20w12a


  • Added the respawn anchor that can set your respawn point in the Nether. Use while holding Glowstone to charge to a maximum of four charges – each respawn depletes one charge
  • Added polished basalt! Smelt your basalt to make it clean and shiny!
  • Warped and crimson nylium can now be bonemealed to get more of the strange new vegetation
  • Hoes are now the appropriate tool for sponges and wet sponges


Changes in 20w12a


  • When fishing, treasure loot can now only be obtained by fishing in open waters
  • Reduced the maximum distance a bee can wander away from its home hive when randomly wandering to around 22 blocks
  • Nether gold ore can now be mined with any type of pickaxe and drops a few gold nuggets
  • Parrots imitate hostile mobs less often
  • Parrots do not randomly imitate hostile mobs when gamemode is on peaceful
  • New mood detection algorithm for cave sounds


Technical Changes in 20w12a


  • The spawnpoint command now supports being run in any dimension


Share your homes!


For those of us that like to live a little bit on the more dangerous side being able to make your home in the Nether will totally change the way you play and make your homes! We are very excited to see what you all come up with and would love if you shared your builds with us on our social media channels! As always if you want the full rundown of the latest changelog head on over to the link here.


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