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Minecraft: Hanging Signs

Posted: Sep 8, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


In the virtual realm of Minecraft, signs stand as the unsung heroes of communication and navigation. These unassuming wooden boards adorned with simple characters hold a remarkable power to convey messages, offer directions, and infuse the blocky landscape with meaning. As player-crafted planks of information, signs play a pivotal role in guiding adventurers through intricate structures, sharing tales, and fostering a sense of community in a pixelated world where words transcend the limitations of the game’s building blocks. And just recently, the latest content updates of Minecraft have brought about a new variant of signs: hanging signs! Today, we’ll be going over hanging signs, and all of their functionality. Let’s begin!

Hanging Signs

A hanging sign is a decorative block that displays text and can be placed underneath blocks or with a solid self-supporting bracket. The text can be customized with dyes and glow ink sacs. This variant of the sign is absolutely awesome! It functions almost identically to normal signs, but in my opinion, looks much nicer! I’m especially fond of the fact that it can hang from the sides of blocks with its support beam.

Hanging Sign 1
Hanging Sign 2

A sign breaks and drops itself as an item if the block the sign is attached to is moved, removed, or destroyed. However, a wall hanging sign will stay here if the block the hanging sign is attached to is removed. If a sign is broken while being edited, the player continues to edit the sign, although in Bedrock Edition breaking the sign stops the editing operation.

Crafting Hanging Signs

Crafting a hanging sign is a little more expensive than your typical sign-crafting recipe. The player can place six stripped log blocks at the bottom half of the crafting table and place two chains on the top-left and top-right slots to create hanging signs. This crafting recipe will create six hanging signs. Hanging signs can only be crafted with stripped logs or stems; non-stripped wood cannot be used to craft hanging signs.

Hanging Sign Crafting Recipe

The type of log that you use in the crafting recipe will determine the color of the sign, which will be based on the type of wood you use.

Editing Signs

Placing a sign opens an editor interface which gives you a view of how the sign will look. Up to four lines of text can then be entered using a keyboard (hardware or on-screen). The editor supports limited editing, including moving the cursor and inserting and deleting characters.

Editing Signs Minecraft

In Bedrock Edition, formatting codes can also be used to apply decorative effects such as color, bold, italic and underline to various bits of the text. Depending on the edition and platform in use, copy and paste operations may be supported and the editor may also support keyboard entry of Alt-codes for displaying Unicode characters.

Text can be added to the other side of a sign by interacting with that side of the sign after placing it and editing the front.


That’s basically it! Most of what makes hanging signs special is pretty apparent, and I would like to believe they’re much better than your average sign which sits on the floor or wall. If you’ve used the resources to make these and you’re still not impressed, at least you can use them as fuel for your furnaces, so it isn’t a total bust. In any case, I hope this blog helped you learn a little more about hanging signs, and with that, have a great day!

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