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img_53de95604d47eA growing trend in education is the increasing use of computers as a method of creative learning. Games like Minecraft have taken the world by storm with their ability to both entertain and educate people of all ages. Some organizations have gone as far as to organize in person lessons and events to get students together and build amazing new things.


So what is it that people are doing with Minecraft exactly?

A lot of experts agree that Minecraft has a lot of benefits in the classroom. For one the game itself is 3 dimensional. Building objects inside of it forces students to learn spatial thinking. Concepts of basic math terms like length x width x height, diameter, and slope are all basic concepts in building in these environments. Plugins like WorldEdit even allow the user to utilize mathematical equations to generate complex structures that can be of real use. This solves a traditional issue in math education, application.

Beyond math, Minecraft can be played in group settings. This forces a generation of kids with lower than average social skills an opportunity to learn and grow on a team. An invaluable skill for any person to have.

The list goes on and on. Using plugins like ComputerCraft, the students can go as far as to create computer type functionality in game that can reach outside and control arduino based robots. If that wasn’t enough using a program called Mineways will allow anyone to download their models to 3d print directly from Shapeways.

How can Students afford server hosting?

Apex Minecraft Hosting is very proud to support our students and youth in the Minecraft community at our worlds colleges and grade schools by offering a lifelong discount of 25% for all students with a valid school email address. Just use code STUDENT to receive the discount. All those who use the code without a valid email will receive 25% off their first month only.

200px-Rochester_Institute_of_Technology_seal.svgExamples of Apex Sponsored Students and Organizations.

Our friends at Rochester Institute of Technology recently held a 3 day weekend Minecraft even with 30 students from their school. See more at DesignCraft at RIT


Want to get your event sponsored by Apex?

We are always eager to find new groups and organizations using Minecraft in creative ways for learning. If you know of or have an organization that you think could benefit from Apex Minecraft Hosting sponsorship, please contact us through social, on our websites Livechat or email us.