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How to fix error code Terracotta in Minecraft

Posted: Jan 8, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


While millions of players load up Minecraft on their console, computers, or mobile devices, few unlucky adventurers encounter a vague error. This is known as Terracotta, which sounds a lot scarier than it appears to be. It impacts the Pocket, Bedrock, and Windows 10 editions of the game. If you or anyone else receives this problem, it’ll prevent you from doing most activities in the game. Whether you’re trying to play on your favorite featured server or simply build peacefully in your singleplayer world, the Terracotta error disrupts your gameplay. Don’t worry though, we got you covered. We’ll be explaining what this error means, the causes, and how to quickly fix it. Let’s start!

What is Error Code Terracotta?

A little bit a background, the error code Terracotta relates to Minecraft being unable to reach servers to transmit data. This means you’d be truly unable to access Realms, Profiles, and the Marketplace. It’s caused by one crucial aspect, the inability to successfully log into your Microsoft account. Sadly, the error message isn’t too helpful, as it simply states at the bottom to “Please try again later.” This makes solving it a lot harder and sometimes creates frustration for all kinds of players.

Minecraft Error Code Terracotta


How to Fix the Error

Mineplex Bedrock Server

Everyone would rather jump right into a featured server like Mineplex or their singleplayer world instead of fixing a Terracotta error. Luckily, resolving this is shockingly easy and simple to do for most players. Regardless of your Minecraft edition (besides Java), our suggestions are universal. Fret not, the process won’t take too long or create more problems for you. Check out our solutions down below to begin your Minecraft adventure once again!

  • Fully close down Minecraft on your device and try again.
  • Update the game if there is a new released version.
  • Confirm you’re using the correct Microsoft/Minecraft account details.
  • Try signing out of all accounts, then sign back into them to see if that works.
  • Restart your internet connection and/or device, then try the above suggestions.

One or more of these recommendations will likely resolve the Terracotta error in Minecraft. However, if you still receive it when trying to play the game, then it could mean a larger issue is occurring. This can occasionally happen with Mojang or Microsoft services, meaning you’ll have to wait for them to fix it before trying again. In an ideal world, they’d work perfectly fine without issues, but bad situations can still happen.


Signing into your account is typically a smooth and routine process that doesn’t have issues, but can sometimes be problematic. The error code Terracotta happens to most players eventually, whether it be the first time playing Minecraft or randomly occurring to veteran adventurers. Luckily, solving this is super duper easy and should get resolved within a few minutes. Either signing out and logging back in, updating the game, or other above suggestions can do the trick. The best part about these fixes is that they’re universal and can be used on any device. Hopefully your troubles subsided after reading through our blog. Have a great day, gamers!

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