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Minecraft: Emerald Tycoon

Posted: Sep 27, 2021 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


Minecraft Bedrock Edition is a wonderful and expansive place. Although it doesn’t have the customizability, black market of mods and texture packs, or other cool features, it does have the Minecraft Marketplace. The Minecraft Marketplace is a unique and interesting place where users can submit content such as gamemodes, texture packs, or skins in a system with quality control and security assurance. Today, we’re going to be looking at a free gamemode offered in the Marketplace called Emerald Tycoon! As a disclaimer, you can’t play this unless you’re using Bedrock Edition.

Emerald Tycoon

You’ve arrived at an old derelict village and now you must bring it back to life with the power of emeralds and with help from the local workers! Generate, mine and collect as many emeralds as you can! Upgrade emerald generators, survive the mob arenas, rebuild the village, unlock zones, mounts, and special items! This is truly a classic tycoon style game!

emerald tycoon

This is an incredibly intuitive and well coded map. You can expect custom animations, effects, quests, predefined paths, and more. It all starts in the village, where you will be lead by the tutorial which teaches you some basic ways on how to acquire emeralds. From simple coal mining, to managing automatic emerald farms in the form of workers and structures, everything generates profit! You can even fight in a PvE arena to earn a healthy bounty, if it suits your skill. There are numerous ways to farm emeralds, and you are encouraged to collect rewards in whatever way you’re comfortable with.

You can then use those emeralds that you have earned to produce new, more efficient methods of producing and farming emeralds. Just like a classic tycoon style game! Eventually, you’ll even unlock new zones in different biome themed areas that allow you to expand your emerald escapades. There’s many adventures to be had on this map, and your guaranteed hours of fun! You can download the map by Razzleberries on the Minecraft Marketplace here.


That’s the map! Emerald Tycoon is an interesting and unique map, especially considering it is entirely free! The adventure of generating emeralds by completing different tasks and creating automated structures is so cool, and it’s so much fun to play all the different games that offer emeralds. My favorite is the arena, which gets progressively harder as you play it more, and rewards you with more emeralds depending on how many mobs you slay. In any case, I hope you enjoy yourself playing Emerald Tycoon, and have a great day!

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