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Minecraft Distant Horizons

Posted: Apr 8, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

As many of us know, Minecraft is limited in its rendering capabilities. This is particularly true for low-end computers, as it depends on the hardware used for world generation. The average view distance is anywhere between 6-12, which can be amplified with mods to help with performance. Instead of loading in regions of your world, consider using the Distant Horizons mod for Minecraft Forge or Fabric! Available versions include 1.16.5 to 1.20.2, meaning you have lots of room to use it. This mod allows players to have almost unlimited amounts of chunks rendered in-game but with a twist. It doesn’t matter if you have the best or worst computer, this mod comes in handy. We’ll discuss what Distant Horizons is, how it works, and the installation process – let’s begin!

Distant Horizons – Level of Detail

Rendering the world in Minecraft can be challenging for your computer to handle, especially if you want tons of chunks. That’s where Distant Horizons comes into play, giving players the chance to immerse themselves in everything loaded in front of them. It works by generating normally, and then simplifying the terrain as you move towards other regions. This process applies technical tricks to make Minecraft appear as if everything is rendered. You can see what we mean by checking out the subsections below.

Larger Minecraft Worlds

As you explore the Minecraft world, far-away chunks don’t disappear as they would without the Distant Horizons mod. Whether you’re on Forge or Fabric, this rule applies. You’ll be able to see everything at large distances, including your builds. For example, that tower you made 1000 blocks away can be seen by you no matter what! This core feature is seen in other popular survival games, but Minecraft never had that – until now. Keep in mind that only chunks that have been loaded will remain in-game, meaning other regions won’t be loaded.

Distant Horizons Mod
Minecraft Full Render Distance Mod

One of the best ways to quickly see the entire world is to use elytras with fireworks, granting you the ability to fly in the skies to generate chunks. This can be amplified with cheats, such as applying the speed effect. Regardless of how you render the world, the Distance Horizons mod only works after already being in a region. In other words, don’t expect everything to appear instantly once you join. Increasing your view distance might make this process go faster, but at the cost of performance.


Simplified Terrain Phases

After rendering many chunks in Minecraft, the Distant Horizons mod will simplify them as you move farther away. This involves removing many details from the region, eventually resulting in a single color depending on the distance. The mod uses this method to avoid performance issues, while still providing an immersive experience in Minecraft. However, bugs might occur such as missing chunks – only until you return to that area.

Minecraft Distant Horizons


How to Install Distant Horizons

The Distance Horizons mod is client-sided only, meaning that if you install it on your Minecraft server, it may result in issues. Remember – you have the ability to use Forge or Fabric for this installation. Whether you’re using CurseForge or the regular launcher, it’s possible to set up this mod. Keep in mind that this process is identical to Fabric for those using that modded version of Minecraft. Additionally, only 1.16.5 to 1.20.2 versions of the game are available for this mod. If you have questions or concerns about Distant Horizons, visit their official wiki for assistance.

  1. Download Distant Horizons, then save its file on your computer.
  2. Afterward, navigate to your launcher’s mods directory.
  3. Transfer the file into this folder, then load it using Forge or Fabric.
    *For more information, follow our tutorial to install mods.


FAQ – Distant Horizons Mod

Are resource packs supported with Distant Horizons?

Yes! Players can use any resource pack with the Distant Horizons mod but must reboot Minecraft after changing textures each time.

Can shaders work with the Distant Horizons mod?

Only certain shaders with Optifine are supported with Distant Horizons, meaning the vast majority of them will cause lighting issues in simplified chunks rendered by the mod.

What mod incompatibles are there with Distant Horizons?

The following mods are known to be problematic with Distant Horizons: Vulkan, Cubic Chunks, Pojav, Certain Shaders, Lord of the Rings, Feather Client, Replay, Colormatic, The Wild Backport, and Optifabric. Other ones might also be incompatible but aren’t reported or known.

How do I fix crashes with the Distant Horizons mod?

Solutions include changing generator modes to different modes, updating the GPU to its latest version, lowering graphic settings or capping frame rates, and resolving incompatible modifications.

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