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Minecraft Comes Alive Reborn Mod

Last modified on Dec 7, 2023 in Mods

mc head By Dalton Whalen

Minecraft Comes Alive Reborn


When playing on a vanilla Minecraft server, villages are often scattered throughout the world. While villagers have been around since the Minecraft beta and have been revamped in the later years, many still find these entities to be lackluster. After dealing with these original villagers for too long, players may long for a better alternative, leading to the expansive world of mods. One of these is Minecraft Comes Alive Reborn, a Forge and Fabric mod that replaces villagers with unique human entities. Whether you build relationships, rise through political ranks, or simply want a more realistic survival experience, this mod is for you. Installing MCA Reborn can be confusing for unfamiliar players, so we have created this Apex Hosting tutorial to help you get started.


MCA Reborn was first released on CurseForge in October 2021 and is owned by jahx_senpoopie, as well as authored by CDAGaming_ and Conczin. It is built upon the original Minecraft Comes Alive mod and brings its many features into the latest versions of the game. With over 1.8 million downloads at the time of writing, it is a very popular mod. Make friends, have a family, and much more in the MCA Reborn mod.

Mod Download

  1. Navigate to the MCA Reborn CurseForge page.
  2. Press the Files button at the top, then scroll down to view all downloads.
    MCA Reborn Files
  3. Locate the version you wish to use, then press the Download icon to the right.
    MCA Reborn Download
  4. Save the file to a safe location, as it will be needed shortly.
  5. Additionally, download the matching version of Architectury API for Forge or Fabric.


Client-Side Installation

Before proceeding, you will need to ensure you have installed either Forge or Fabric to your launcher. If you plan to run Fabric, ensure you also download the necessary version of Fabric API.

  1. Open your Minecraft launcher, then press Installations at the top.
  2. Hover over your modded profile, then press the Open Folder icon to the right.
    MCA Reborn Open Folder
  3. In the new window, locate and enter the mods folder.
  4. Paste your necessary mod files for Minecraft Comes Alive Reborn here.
    MCA Reborn Client Mods
  5. Once done, return to the MC launcher and press Play on your modded profile.


Server-Side Installation

  1. Navigate to your Apex server panel, then stop the server.
  2. Scroll down to the Game File section and open the dropdown menu.
    MCA Reborn Server Version
  3. Locate and select the Forge or Fabric version to match your mod files.
  4. Once done, we recommend creating a new world, then restart later.
    MCA Reborn Restart Later
  5. From the left-hand menu, click and log into the FTP File Access.
  6. Create and locate the mods folder, then enter it.
  7. Press Upload in the top-left, then drag + drop your mod files.
    MCA Reborn Upload
  8. When the uploads are at 100%, return to the main panel and restart the server.

The server will now start up with Minecraft Comes Alive Reborn, Architectury API, and Fabric API as needed. Once the server is marked as online, you can join using your modded client.

Character Setup

Upon first connecting to the server, you will be greeted with a Minecraft Comes Alive introduction screen. This is where you can customize the various aspects of your character.

Basic Information

On the first screen, you will be met with a few default options:

MCA Reborn Basic Details

Name: The name that villagers will use when referring to you.

Feminine/Masculine: Your character’s build and body shape.

Villager: Uses the villager model and all MCA options.
Player: Uses your vanilla skin, but uses customizations for genetics.
Vanilla: Uses vanilla skin and no genetics, but uses customizations for inheritance.


Style and Genetics

The next screen offers you many settings to customize your character. To start, you can change the proportions and body shape of your character, as well as various skin adjustments. The Head menu allows you to change your character’s face/eyes, hair color, and select a specific hairstyle. Finally, the Traits menu gives you various options to adjust your character orientation, conditions such as being color blind, and more. Depending on your selection on the previous screen, these genetics may be applied to your character and any potential offspring.

MCA Reborn Custom Character


Spawn Location

MCA Reborn Spawn Point

Last but not least, you can select where you will spawn in the world. Choosing Anywhere will spawn you at a randomized location just like vanilla, while Shipwreck will attempt to spawn you close to a shipwreck structure. Otherwise, one of the village options will spawn you directly into the village biome of your choosing.


Introduction to NPCs

MCA Reborn Interact

Whether you spawn in a village or find one on your own, you’ll immediately notice that the villagers are significantly more human. By right-clicking on an NPC you will bring up a menu full of information.

Personalities and Info

MCA Reborn NPC Details

On the left-side of the screen you will find important information relating to the NPC you interact with. The top-left may include their name, age, current mood, personality, and any extra traits they may currently have. Traits and personality can be hovered over for more information.

Additionally, the bottom-left has various symbols that can be used to track relationship information, interactions, and more.

Hearts: How much the NPC likes you. The higher the hearts, the friendlier they are.

Analysis: Information on the previous interaction and chances of the next one being positive.

Relationship: The relationship status of the NPC to you or other villagers.

Genes: The specific genes that the villager has.

Parents: Who the parents of the NPC are.

MCA Reborn NPC Relationship



MCA Reborn Talk Interact

To the top-right of the screen, you can find the Talk and Interact buttons. By pressing Talk, you can choose from a variety of options to engage in conversation. This may be telling a joke, chatting, telling a story, and more romantic interactions. Keep the villager’s mood, personality, and relationship in mind before choosing a topic.

Interactions will allow you to have more control over the NPC directly. This includes having them follow you, sending them to a location, wearing armor, or giving them a gift. Aside from gifts, none of these options should affect relationships.


As you continue getting positive communication with villagers, their hearts for you will gradually increase. This will eventually make them your friend and can even lead to relationships. While friends will develop by simply having enough hearts, relationships can only be advanced through specific items.

Relationship: Once a villager is fond of you, you can attempt to give them a Bouquet, which is made up of 5 flowers. By gifting this to a villager, they may become your partner.

MCA Reborn Bouquet

Engagement: Ready to take the relationship to the next level? If your partner has enough hearts and you’ve spent enough time with them, you can craft an engagement ring with 7 gold/rose gold and 1 diamond. Muster enough courage to gift them this ring and if all goes well, you will now be engaged!

MCA Reborn Engagement Ring

Marriage: Once even more time has passed, you may be ready to move on to marriage. Keep in mind that you will need even more hearts in order for this to succeed. After spending enough time and interactions with your partner, you can craft a wedding ring with 8 gold/rose gold. If successful, gifting this will allow you to be officially married.

MCA Reborn Wedding Ring


MCA Reborn Widowed

Note: Aside from your own relationships, villagers will also develop relationships on their own. As time passes, villagers may get married, have children, and eventually become widowed. So if someone claims your “special someone” before you, arranging a happy little accident will allow you to regain your rightful place by their side.



Once you have a high enough relationship level and hearts, you can enter the “Talk” menu and choose the “Procreate” option. This will allow you to have a child, who can be held in your hotbar. The baby will be swaddled and must be carried around for 20 real-time minutes. After twenty minutes, you can right-click the ground to sit your child down.

MCA Reborn Children

Over the next 6 real-time hours, your child will grow up from a small toddler to a full adult. They will have many different interactions as they age up, such as making them do chores or simply chatting. Eventually, your child may end up getting engaged and have children of their own, which will continue the family tree.

Village Management

With the Blueprint item, you can change various aspects of your village and even increase your rank. This can be used on a hand-made village or adjust pre-generated villages in your world. To get started, craft and right-click the Blueprint when held.

Adding Buildings

MCA Reborn Blueprint
MCA Reborn Catalog

When standing in a room or a house, you can press the Add Room button to add the building to the main map in the center. This allows NPCs to claim housing and will allow you to see information about each house on the map. By checking the Catalog tab, you can also create extra buildings such as an armory, an infirmary, and more. To do this, make a building that includes the required blocks, then add it as a room like before.

Rising to Power

MCA Reborn Rank

Within the Rank section of the Blueprint, you can view your current village rank, as well as the necessary requirements to reach the next rank. These are often making buildings from the Catalog and reaching a total heart requirement across all villagers. This may take some time to achieve, but you will gain the ability to control more aspects of the village as you rank up.


Setting Rules and Restrictions

As you rise to power, you will gain access to various rules that can be adjusted through the tab with the same name. This allows you to set a tax percent, birth limit, and a marriage limit. The higher the taxes, the more items they will deliver to the storage but lower your reputation. The birth and marriage limits allow you to have more control over your village’s population.

MCA Reborn Rules


Common Issues

The game crashes on startup:

Oftentimes, if either the server or your own game is crashing, it is an issue with the version or the downloaded mods. First, verify that you have downloaded the Architectury API for the matching version and that the game is running the matching modloader as well. In addition to this, Fabric installations will also need the FabricAPI mod listed during the installation instructions. Once all of the necessary dependencies are installed and the versions are correct, restart the client or server to try again.

I’m unable to join the server after installing the mod:

When this issue occurs, it is primarily due to a failed installation on the client-side. First, check the error you receive when trying to join the server, as it may provide more insight into the exact issue. First, navigate to your mods folder and verify that the mod .jar files are installed here, otherwise they will not work. Additionally, make sure you are launching your Forge/Fabric profile or the mods will not load.

I can join the server but the mod isn’t working:

There are many causes of issues on the server-side, however most relate to the mod installation and any existing worlds. While MCA Reborn will try to convert vanilla villages to its modded variant, this may not always work. We recommend generating a new world to ensure everything works as intended. To do this, visit the main panel page, then press the “Change World” button. Enter a unique world name, then follow the prompts to restart the server and try it again.

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