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The Best Minecraft Christmas Texture Pack

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mc head By Nathan Young

Minecraft Christmas Resource Pack

Players in Minecraft looking to celebrate the holiday season have a wide variety of options to consider, with some revamping the entire game. This can happen on both singleplayer worlds and dedicated servers, giving you the ability to immerse yourself in festivities. An extremely popular method to accomplish this is using resource packs. These change Minecraft’s appearance, adding new textures to blocks, items, and mobs. If you want to celebrate the holidays, then consider using the New Default-Style Christmas Pack! This is perfect for anyone who loves Christmas, as it introduces joyful and cheerful textures. Examples include colorful lights, snow-covered grass, decorated leaves, and so much more. Setting this up is straightforward and easy, even on dedicated servers. However, newcomers to the resource pack scene may be unfamiliar with the process. Due to this, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to show you how to install and use the New Default-Style Christmas Pack in Minecraft to kickstart your holiday season!

How to Download

  1. Navigate to Default-Style Christmas Pack on CurseForge, then click Files near the top.
    Christmas Resource Pack
  2. Proceed to locate your desired Game Version in the list below.
  3. Once found, click the three vertical dots on the right and press Download File.
    Minecraft Christmas Pack Download
  4. Save this somewhere easily accessible on your computer for later.


Client Installation

The Minecraft Christmas pack only takes a few minutes to install, as it’s accompanied by transferring the zip file into a single folder. Before getting started, we highly recommend using Optifine for the best results. This also allows you to have shaders in-game, amplifying the way you experience Minecraft. Keep in mind that these extra features are completely optional and not required to use the resource pack. When you’re ready, follow the instructions below.

  1. Launch Minecraft and select Options from the main menu.
  2. Continue to click Resource Packs, then Open Pack Folder.
    Minecraft Resource Pack Folder
  3. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the newly opened folder.
    Minecraft Christmas Pack Installation
  4. Return to Minecraft and press the Arrow icon on the pack.
    Minecraft Christmas Resource Pack
  5. Click the Done button and wait for everything to load properly.


Server Installation

In situations where you want to use the Minecraft Christmas texture pack on your server, review this tutorial. This involves you uploading the zip file into an external service and then using its new download link in your Apex server panel settings. The whole process doesn’t take too much time but can be confusing if you’ve never done it before. With this in mind, consider reaching out to our 24/7 Support Team for assistance if you have any concerns or questions. Once the resource pack is installed, players can join and begin admiring Christmas in Minecraft!

Texture Showcase

Minecraft Christmas

Upon entering your Minecraft world with this resource pack enabled, the holiday spirit will be felt. The entire landscape of the game has changed into a snowy and cheerful place. Exploring this wonderful holiday pack reveals that even mobs can get into the spirit. Iron golems have Christmas hats! There’s other creatures that celebrate it too, such as pigs and creepers. Besides this, players might notice their base has new decorations. These come in the form of lights on doors, leaves, and even iron bars. Additionally, other blocks like chests and shulker boxes now resemble presents. These texture changes help immerse you and others alike in the seasonal time. There’s more to this Minecraft Christmas pack, so let’s begin to unravel its cheery mysteries.

Festive Environment

As previously mentioned above, players are surrounded by a snowy landscape with the Default-Style Christmas Pack. The trees in forests and jungles have different colored leaves, with spruce having special lights on them. This is complemented by the icy water in nearby rivers, adding to the overall holiday spirit. The only downside is that desert biomes and underground ones remain the same.

Minecraft Christmas Biome


Gift Blocks

Minecraft Christmas Gifts

What’s a Christmas without presents? This resource pack changes all chests and shulker boxes into gifts, with unique colors to use. It’s a wonderful addition to the holiday season, especially with friends and family. Many players use these blocks as decorations, with the added benefit of being used to gift others items. Share goods in-game or admire the presents in your base!


Christmas Decorations

Spreading holiday cheer in your Minecraft house involves using new decorations. These are gifts, spruce leaves, lights, reefs, and a unique beacon star. In other words, you can literally create a Christmas tree! These are perfect SMP servers, as everyone can experience festivities together. This can be amplified with other new blocks, as the Christmas texture pack introduces extra possibilities.

Minecraft Christmas Tree


Holiday Mobs

Minecraft Christmas Mobs

Rather than blocks and decorations, there are mobs with the holiday cheer! Examples include Endermen with candy cane socks and mittens, along with red noses on pigs. This expands over to slimes, creepers, and iron golems with unique changes. Unfortunately, not every creature has new textures. However, the Minecraft Christmas texture pack is always being updated. This means new features may be added!


Resource Pack FAQ

Why am I getting the “made for an older version of Minecraft” message?

This means that the downloaded resource pack isn’t for your currently used Minecraft version. Solving this involves you to install the correct one for your game. For example, make sure to download and use 1.20.2 only if you’re using that version to play. Otherwise, this message will continue to appear for you. However, this can be typically dismissed since no harm is done.

How do I force players to use this resource pack on my server?

Navigate to your Minecraft server settings and change the “Require Resource Pack” option from “False” to “True”. Once you’re finished, save these changes and restart the server to apply them. Connecting players will be asked to download and use the Christmas texture pack, but might have to re-add the server to their list beforehand.

Can I combine this pack with others in Minecraft?

Yes! Follow this tutorial to accomplish that goal. Keep in mind that some issues may arise after combining resource packs. We encourage you to play around with prioritization to get the best results, more on this in the guide above.

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