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Minecraft: Chorus Fruit

Posted: Jan 23, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


In Minecraft, there are few places as challenging as the end. The narrative and statistically proven climax of the Minecraft world, the End is a barren wasteland of miscellaneous islands, with very few interruptions to the endstone landscapes. But scattered on the islands is a strange, almost alien-like plant. They have an interesting tree-like structure, and they drop an even more interesting fruit. Today, we’ll be going over Minecraft’s most foreign food item, the Chorus fruit.

Chorus Fruit



Chorus Fruit

Chorus fruit is a food item native to the End that can be eaten or smelted into popped chorus fruit. It restored four hunger points and is probably the most interesting food item in Minecraft. But what exactly makes this fruit so special?

You can actually eat the chorus fruit when your hunger bar is full. But why would you do that? Well, eating a chorus fruit may teleport you up to 8 blocks in any direction. Up to 16 attempts are made to choose a random destination within 8 blocks on all three axes in the same manner as Enderman teleportation, with the exception that the player may teleport into an area only 2 blocks high. The player does not land in the average centroid of the block, but rather to any position within an 8-block range. If the player is flying with an elytra, they will teleport back to the ground regardless of the height it was used at. Unlike the Ender Pearl, the chorus fruit can teleport players through solid blocks. The algorithm tries to avoid fluids; the player cannot teleport into a space occupied by water or lava.

If the player successfully teleports, a sound similar to an enderman teleporting plays originating from the teleportation origin location. Chorus fruit has a cooldown of 1 second before being able to be used again. The cooldown is applied to all chorus fruit items, including those in the player’s inventory or containers. The teleportation effect even works on Foxes if they so happen to eat the fruit!

Obtaining Chorus Fruit

Chorus fruits are fairly easy to obtain, once you make your way to the not-so-easy End and beat the Ender Dragon. The Chorus plants generate on the outer islands of the End, in End highlands. They are formed in tall, coral-like patterns. They are the only source of chorus fruit, and can totally be used to grow chorus fruit if placed on End Stone. Each block has a 50% chance to drop a chorus fruit. Breaking the bottom of a Chorus plant structure will cause the rest of the blocks to break, typically granting tons of chorus fruit in a short amount of time.


That’s pretty much all there is to Chorus. Chorus Fruit are a neat little tool food that restores a decent amount of hunger. Unlike ender pearls, their ability to teleport through solid objects is totally useful, but the random factor when it comes to said teleportation can be a bit tricky to manipulate! Regardless, I hope this blog helped you learn more about Minecraft’s odd fruit, and have a good one!

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