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Minecraft Championship 2021

Posted: Sep 16, 2021 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


Have you ever desired to witness your favorite Minecraft content creators compete head to head in different challenges that test their skills in parkour, redstone, pvp, and more? No? Too bad! Coming to a home theater, mobile device, or a PC near you is the Minecraft 2021 Championships! Today, we’re going to go over what MCC is, what to expect from its latest season, and all other useful information. Let’s begin.


MCC or MC Championship refers to a competition where ten teams of four individuals compete in a variety of minigames that test the core Minecraft skills: parkour, survival, combat, teamwork, and more. After eight games, the two teams with the most coins will go up against one another in one final matchup to decide the ultimate champion.

One of the highlights of MCC is the ability to view at every angle live. Most if not all participants will be streaming the event, and there will also be an admin view stream on the Noxcrew Twitch channel which includes commentary from the devs and designers.

Minecraft Championship

There are plenty of unique and interesting minigames that will be played. One of my favorites is Hole in The Wall, a game modes that has you on top of a platform dodging oncoming walls with holes in them that converge in the center. The walls progressively get faster and the platform smaller, so it can get intense!

The event typically lasts around two to three hours long, so get your popcorn. The soonest return of MCC is July 24th, so be sure to tune in at 8PM BST to be there on time!

Unfortunate Reality

If this is all sounding fun to play, then unfortunately, that’s too bad. MCC is an event that only allows members through invite only, so your only way of being able to participate is to be invited.

Should’ve been more popular, truly unfortunate.


That’s all there is to know about MC Championship. It’s an unofficial community event that is backed by the magnitude of how many popular content creators participate, to the point where it has reached this pseudo official status that has earned the respect of the Minecraft community. In any case, it’s enjoyable to watch. Grab some snacks and enjoy the show!

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