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Minecraft Bedrock Update: Slabs! Stairs! Signs! Swalls!

Minecraft Bedrock Update Available Now!

Don’t work Bedrock friends we haven’t forgotten about you and neither has Mojang as a new Bedrock update has been released for all your decorators and gardeners at there!

Let us have a look at what all has been added!

  • Added The Lily of the Valley
  • Added Cornflower
  • Added New Slabs
  • Added New Stairs
  • Added New Signs
  • Added New Swalls I mean Walls
  • Added New Gamerules
  • Bug fixes and even more.

This is a big one and while it doesn’t have the villagers yet they will likely be soon! So get out there and get playing! If you want the full run down on this update check it out here.

See you for the next update!

Team Apex