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Minecraft Bamboo Guide

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mc head By Nathan Young

Minecraft Bamboo Guide

As players explore the endless amount of biomes in Minecraft, they may come across unique vegetation – such as bamboo. This is considered a plant but behaves similarly to trees. They are extremely useful in Minecraft, as one crafting recipe is special and used for player movement. Whether you want to decorate your bases with bamboo or build a panda habitat, you have plenty of opportunities! Although, locating these plants in Minecraft can be challenging as they’re rarer than others. Once players find some, they can begin making farms, crafting special blocks, and more in-game. With all of this in mind, we’ve created this Apex Hosting guide to teach you everything there is to know about Minecraft bamboo.


How to Find Bamboo in Minecraft

Unlike flowers and crops, bamboo is only found in one Minecraft biome – the jungle. Parts of this terrain can hold thousands of plants for you to take, but can also be in small groups. We strongly recommend using the /locate command with cheats or operator permissions to quickly locate bamboo in Minecraft. For example, entering “/locate biome minecraft:bamboo_jungle” will instantly return the nearest coordinates for bamboo in your world. Otherwise, you must continue searching without using commands to find it.

Minecraft Bamboo
Bamboo Finding Methods
  • Discovering it naturally
  • Using the /locate command
  • Item drop from killing pandas
  • Fishing in jungle biomes
  • Chest loot in jungle temples or shipwrecks


Minecraft Bamboo Farms

Minecraft Bamboo Farm

Due to the scarcity of bamboo, players might choose to build their own farms to constantly have enough of them. This can be extremely basic or highly advanced with redstone engineering. Examples include building a small area of bamboo and automated farms to effortlessly collect bamboo. Either of these methods can significantly improve the quality of your farming, rather than gathering these plants in the wild. In other words, once you find bamboo – consider making a farm in Minecraft!


Bamboo Crafting Recipes

Minecraft Bamboo Scaffolding
Minecraft Bamboo Block
Minecraft Bamboo Planks

There are three primary crafting recipes for bamboo in Minecraft: Block of Bamboo, Scaffolding, and Bamboo Planks. These provide players with the chance to create unique bases, as it’s unlike any other building material. Alternatively, it gives them the ability to make special blocks that allow for extra player movement – exceeding ladders or other means. It comes in handy when building large structures, redstone machines, and more. Besides this, when you’ve crafted bamboo planks, blocks such as stairs, slabs, doors, and others are now available.


Using Bamboo in Minecraft

Get creative with Minecraft bamboo, as there are tons of uses for it! Whether you build structures, habitats, farms, or even use them for fuel, the possibilities are endless. Choose your own destiny in Minecraft with the help of bamboo! This is amplified with your own server, as friends and others can join in on the adventure. Regardless of what you decide, finding and farming Minecraft bamboo is a wonderful way to gather resources to build or craft.

Minecraft Bamboo Structures
All Bamboo Uses
  • Ability to plant on many different blocks: moss, suspicious sand, mud, etc.
  • Fuel source to smelt 0.25 items per bamboo
  • Placeable in flower pot
  • Used for breeding pandas, must have 8 blocks of bamboo within 5 blocks of them
  • Used for creating structures


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