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Minecraft: Axolotls

Posted: Aug 2, 2021 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


Ever since Minecraft’s Caves and Cliffs update released, the new craze has been all about everyone’s favorite new mob, the Axolotl! This cute yet dangerous predator is now officially released, and today, we’re going to go over everything there is to go over when it comes to this mob. Breeding, utility, behaviors, random trivia, and even how to grow your own personal army. (note: I am not responsible for any harm you bring unto others) Now, let’s begin!



Axolotls are aquatic passive mobs that attack most other underwater mobs. They can be found in water sources underground at light level 0, and come in five different variations of color: pink, brown, gold, cyan and blue.

Axolotls are passive toward players and can be attached to leads. They give Regeneration I per Axolotl in the fight, up to a duration of 2 minutes, and remove Mining Fatigue when a player kills a mob that is in combat with an Axolotl. This makes them incredibly useful when raiding Ocean Monuments.

Axolotls attack all aquatic mobs except turtles and dolphins. They also attack drowned. An Axolotl deals 2 points of damage per attack. After killing a non-hostile mob, there is a two minute cooldown before another non-hostile mob can be hunted. Axolotls prioritize attacking hostile mobs over non-hostile mobs.

axolotl bros

If an Axolotl takes damage underwater, it may play dead, dropping to the ground for 10 seconds while gaining Regeneration I. Hostile aquatic mobs ignore healing Axolotls (they think they’re dead!) There is a ⅓ chance for an Axolotl to play dead to recover 4 health points. In addition, if either a random integer from 0-2 is less than the amount of incoming damage, or the Axolotl’s health before the damage is dealt is less than 50% of its maximum health, it plays dead.

On land, Axolotls move toward the nearest water source because they die outside of water after 5 minutes. Unlike fish, dolphins, and squid, Axolotls do not die on land in rain or a thunderstorm.

Unlike most mobs, Axolotls cannot be moved by flowing water. However, they are still affected by Bubble Columns made with Soul Sand or Magma Blocks.

As aquatic mobs, they take extra damage from the Impaling enchantment. Unlike other aquatic mobs, they cause nearby pufferfish to inflate. Axolotls picked up with a bucket and re-spawned to not despawn.


Adult Axolotls can be led and bred with buckets of tropical fish. After breeding, a baby Axolotl spawns and 1-7 experience is generated. The parents cannot be bred again for 5 minutes.

axolotl breeding

The baby Axolotl has a 1/1200 chance to be the rare blue variant; otherwise, it inherits the color of one parent at random. Babies follow adults, and grow to adulthood in 20 minutes. The growth of baby Axolotls can be accelerated using buckets of tropical fish; each use reduces the remaining growth time by 10%.


  • In the release notes Minecraft Launcher there is an encrypted message T⍑ᒷ ᔑ ̇/𝙹ꖎ𝙹ℸ ̣ ꖎᓭ ᔑ∷ᒷ リ𝙹ℸ ̣ ∴⍑ᔑℸ ̣ ℸ ̣ ⍑ᒷ|| ᓭᒷᒷᒲ which translates to “The Axolotls are not what they seem”.
  • Axolotls are small salamanders that are endemic to Mexico, which are critically endangered, following Mojang Studios’ trend of adding endangered species such as polar bears, giant pandas, sea turtles, and bees into the game for awareness purposes.
  • The probability of a blue axolotl spawning is 1 in 1200 because that is approximately the number of axolotls left in the wild in real life.
  • Axolotls can eat only buckets of tropical fish and not tropical fish items because axolotls in real life eat only living fish.
  • Axolotls are the first amphibian mobs implemented into Minecraft, although it was not the first announced amphibian because frogs were announced at MINECON Live 2019. In addition, Rana was based on a frog.
  • Blue is the only color variant of axolotls not based on real life. The blue variant was a suggestion by user Darkiceflame on the r/minecraftsuggestions subreddit. It is a reference to Mudkip from the Pokémon series.
  • Even though they are not in the game, the green variant appears in the Caves & Cliffs Part I announcement trailer. When asked on a livestream, Lady Agnes said she cannot say why the green variant was cut from the game.
  • Both the “play dead” behavior and the regeneration ability of axolotls are based on the abilities of real life axolotls.
  • Conclusion

    Welp, that’s everything! Axolotls, despite their small stature, have a surprisingly large presence when it comes to their features, functionality, and effect on the game. Don’t be fooled by their cute appearance, these beasts are stone cold predators! I hope this blog helped you learn something new about this great amphibian, and with that said, have a great day!

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