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Minecraft Camels: All Things Camels

Posted: Aug 7, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott

Minecraft Camel


Since the dawn of time, modern man has made a concentrated effort toward riding horses. The domesticated, one-toed, hoofed mammal is seemingly built to traverse long distances saddled with a human on their back. However, they aren’t the only animal that can conveniently transport a person on their back vast distances. The Camel has been long domesticated and is equally suited to the task of horses. Minecraft’s latest update has brought forth this trusty ‘steed’ as an alternative option to horses. Today, we learn all things regarding Camels in Minecraft!

Minecraft Camels

The camel is a docile creature encountered in desert villages. It has a bold appearance, striking orange/brown fur, perked-up ears, slanted eyes, and a dashing smile. They’re definitely a lot taller than horses, with stretched-out legs and an elongated neck, finishing off their design with a hump on their back.

Their behavior has them wandering aimlessly, avoiding hazards and obstacles. Occasionally, they will sit for a few seconds before getting back up. Camels immediately get up and flee upon being harmed. A seated camel cannot be pushed by players or mobs. Feeding a camel cactus will heal them for two health points, but they will also heal slowly on their own over time.

Camel Sitting

When it comes to speed, the camel is faster than the player, but not as fast as a horse. The camel also operates more similar to a player than it does a horse, allowing you to walk or sprint while on camelback (not horseback!). Camels can step over 1.5-tall blocks or fences/walls. This is similar to how horses work but with a slight increase in height.


Camels, despite being bred with cacti, still suffer harm from touching cactus blocks, similar to any other mob. When a player holds a cactus, camels will follow them until they are separated by at least ten blocks. However, sitting camels do not exhibit this behavior. To create baby camels, adult camels enter love mode and must be given a cactus each. It’s surprising how cactus farms have proven to be useful in this context. After breeding, there is a cooldown of five minutes before the parents can breed again. Additionally, baby camels can grow into adults faster if they are given cactus. Footnote: Baby camels are extremely adorable!

When it comes to taming camels, they’re actually significantly easier to tame than horses. No time-consuming minigame where you persistently attempt to ride them while getting knocked off. Simply grab a saddle, and toss it on their back. Done! Camels naturally are tamed and will allow you to ride them from the get-go.


Camels are unable to jump, but have the ability to dash instead. By pressing the jump button, the camel will dash. Dashing propels the camel twelve blocks forward and one block upward. The dash can be activated about every 2.75 seconds and will prevent the Camel from sprinting afterward. The functionality of dashing is similar to horse jumping, making the player fill a bar up by holding the jump button and then letting go when the bar is full.

Camel Dashing Minecraft

Passive Protection

Due to the camel’s height, the player is seated so high on the camel’s back that most mobs are actually unable to reach you while riding. Most hostile mobs will simply walk up to your camel and attempt to claw at you but fail miserably. Even better, they will not target your camel. Zombies be damned! Skeleton archers…not so much…

camel two people minecraft

Double Decker?

To me, the coolest aspect of camels is their ability to carry two players at once! Just as a boat can, you can fit two people on the camel’s back and ride off into the sunset! While riding, the person in the front seat controls the camel’s speed and direction, and the person in the back seat can just sit and enjoy the world of Minecraft passing by! Genuinely impressive stuff, Mr. Camel!



That’s all! The addition of camels in Minecraft’s latest update provides players with a delightful alternative to horses for traversing vast distances. We’ve gone over any and all mechanics involved with this new lovable horse alternative, and I am very pleased wit the addition. All in all, camels bring a fresh and enjoyable dimension to the Minecraft experience, making them a valuable and fun addition for players to explore and enjoy in the desert villages and beyond. With all that being said, have a great day!

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