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Minecraft Add-ons vs Mods

Posted: Mar 1, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Since the release of Minecraft, players have considered modifying the game for extra features – such as new abilities, weapons, tools, biomes, and more! Due to Java and its many capabilities, these changes were possible for players to implement. Over time, thousands of mods and other packs were introduced to Minecraft. A similar trend occurred for Bedrock Edition but was significantly limited. Only behavior and texture packs are available, but that all changed with the latest announcement from Mojang. Players now have the ability to create or download add-ons to completely change their Minecraft Bedrock experience. These are essentially mods but with extreme differences. What are add-ons? Mods? The differences? We’ll be answering these questions and more in this Apex Hosting blog to help you learn more about Minecraft add-ons vs mods.

Modifying the Gameplay

Millions of players in Minecraft want to try new items or explore unique biomes, unlike anything seen before in the normal game. Popular examples include introducing additional dimensions, computer systems, mobs, along with tons of other content. This can be amplified with QoL changes, such as better inventory management. It all boils down to what you want in Minecraft. However, it also depends on the version used for it – Java or Bedrock. Each one carries its own charm, but both have major differences that might determine what you choose. Mods allow for endless possibilities, while add-ons are limited.

Minecraft Bedrock Add-ons

Whether you’re on Xbox or Nintendo Switch, you’re able to access Bedrock add-ons with the latest versions. These are bought from the store, then used on existing or new worlds. Once purchased, you’ll notice one behavior and resource pack after activating the add-on. Essentially, you obtained two store items in one – a combined transaction. Due to this, the price can be higher than individual purchases. Additionally, you cannot customize the add-on in any shape or form. This means you pay for what you see, which can be frustrating for those looking to control their in-game features.

Minecraft Bedrock Add-ons

Minecraft add-ons are extremely similar to mods, as they introduce new mobs, items, textures, sounds, biomes, and more. These changes can be played solo or with friends on dedicated servers. This allows you to enjoy unique features that aren’t in the normal game, but can’t alter them in any way. For example, editing the item drop or experience points from a new mob is impossible. This goes so far as where you’re unable to disable certain aspects of an add-on, unless you want to completely toggle it off.

Minecraft Java Mods

Exploring the wonders of Minecraft: Java Edition reveals a vast realm of possibilities. Anyone can search online for mods to use in their singleplayer or multiplayer worlds. These completely alter the game’s code for an immersive experience, such as brand new dimensions full of items, mobs, dungeons, and more. Only a few of these mods cost money, but the vast majority do not. Additionally, you’re given full access to the settings to make any necessary changes. The only downfall is that all players must install the mods locally and on their server before playing.

Minecraft Java Mods

Setting up mods in Minecraft requires you to have minor technical knowledge, as it forces you to transfer the files to your local client directory. This is also true for servers but achieved by other means. The end result is a grand adventure full of unique features that can be customized, controlled, and used by anyone. Whether you want to disable a specific ability, enable per-world settings, or add extra content, you have free reign! Depending on the Minecraft mod, you might even have access to create your own items.

Key Takeaways

The following chart is a brief summary of the above sections to help you quickly learn the differences between Minecraft add-ons vs mods.

Bedrock Add-onsJava Mods
Requires MoneyCompletely Free
Quicker InstallationsLonger Installations
Limited Control & CustomizationFull Control & Customization
Playable on Any DevicePlayable on PC
Less Choices in StoreEndless Choices Online


Final Conclusion

Let’s cut to the chase – players wanting a casual modding experience on any device should choose Minecraft Bedrock add-ons. The main issue with that is the inability to control its features, along with using money to obtain them. This limits how many people can access add-ons, let alone dissuading those who want to customize its content. Due to this, we highly recommend choosing Minecraft Java mods! These provide you with new and free features for your gameplay, meaning anyone can begin today. Keep in mind that the installation requires minor technical knowledge. Regardless of this, millions of people choose this path compared to Bedrock due to its many benefits. We hope this article helped you learn more about the differences between Minecraft add-ons and mods. Have a good one, gamers!

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