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Minecraft 20w18a Available Now!

Posted: May 4, 2020 in Minecraft Server Updates

mc head By ApexHosting

Another big update from the Mojang headquarters has arrived! This update will be covering the long awaited changes to Redstone wires and how they work! Let’s get down into the changes and find out what’s new!


Changes in 20w18a


  • Redstone wire changes
  • The target block now conducts Redstone signals


Redstone wire


The block state, rendering, and behavior of Redstone wire are more in line with each other. Redstone will provide power to blocks on all sides it shows a visual connection to, and not do so on those sides without a visual connection.

  • A single Redstone wire is now represented as a cross.
  • A wire on top of a block, which is redirected from below, will power the sides it is redirected to now. E.g. a fence gate above the redirecting wire will be powered.
  • Wires that redirect upwards to wires on non-conductive blocks used to only be redirected visually. Now, this redirection applies to their behavior as well.
  • A wire that is redirected to go over a block will now always provide power to the block. This is most noticeable when the wire has signal strength 1.


20w18a changes

Technical Changes in 20w18a


  • Added an enable-status option to the server.properties file which if set to false will suppress replies to status requests from clients. This makes the server appear offline in the multiplayer screen
  • Added control over how much entity data a server sends to clients
  • Advancement system changes


More changes in the future!


Mojang has stated in a previous post that they plan to continue to work and redefine Redstone in order to make it much more accessible to new players while continuing to add further functionality such as the recent bullseye blocks we received in the 1.15 update. This is very exciting and we hope you all like the direction Redstone is moving in as well. If you want even more technical details as well as all the major bug changes Mojang made in this patch be sure to check out the official post here.


Until next time,

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