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Minecraft 1.20.4 Release

Posted: Dec 14, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Yet another Minecraft update was released to the public, giving players new features to try out. Examples include extra item storage and sorting with decorated pots, along with a unique command to control the world. These are the two primary changes, as everything else is minor or technical tweaks. Regardless, this means that Minecraft 1.20.4 introduces new mechanics to play around with in-game! Experiment with redstone and decorated pots or use cheats to freeze everything in the world for the perfect screenshot. We’ll be breaking down the most important changes from the Minecraft 1.20.4 update, along with other information to help you learn more about this release. Let’s begin!

Introducing Minecraft 1.20.4

As of December 6th, Mojang announced and released the Minecraft 1.20.4 update. This isn’t a large one compared to others, such as 1.20, but still offers new QoL features. For instance, there’s a recovery screen for broken worlds that’ll help players save their progress rather than letting it disappear. Other changes include new bat models, commands, and interactive decorative pots. As hinted above, there aren’t too many features for you to try out in-game. However, we’ll go into more detail about the best features of Minecraft 1.20.4 to get you started.

General Changes

Minecraft New Bats

There’s a wide variety of general changes from the 1.20.4 update, with most being technical tweaks. However, there are exciting features too! A new Bat model has been added and replaced the older one, with a more cartoonish style. Thrown ender pearls now make a sound effect, rather than nothingness. This makes it easier for you and other players to know when someone teleports. Besides this, review the list below to learn more about the general changes. In cases where you want to understand the background technical updates, visit the official changelog.

  • New Bat model & animation
  • Recovery screen for worlds missing data
  • Enhanced shield animation when moving
  • Monster spawner faces are now rendered inside
  • Thrown ender pearls now produce sound
  • Data pack and resource pack versions are updated


Decorated Pots

Minecraft 1.20.3

In Minecraft 1.20.4, decorated pots are now revamped! You can right-click with any item type and begin putting them inside of it, limited to a full stack. These pots are also interactive hoppers and droppers, meaning players can build storage devices. This can even be integrated with redstone, as comparators can read how many items are stored inside. Otherwise, use these decorated pots as targets! Projectiles now break these blocks, dropping their items accordingly.

  • Decorated pots can now store items inside of it
  • Hoppers and droppers can interact with decorated pots
  • Comparators can read the number of items inside
  • Projectiles break decorated pots


Tick Command

Minecraft Tick Command

Besides new changes to blocks and other mechanics, there’s a unique command with countless applications. Whether you want to freeze or fast-forward the world, you can control everything. Simply use the /tick command and enter your desired argument like “step” or other ones. This comes in handy when wanting to take the perfect screenshot, cinematic video, or to test redstone machines. Alternatively, farmers can use this command to speed up the rate of crops.

Future Minecraft Updates

Was the Minecraft 1.20.4 update good or bad? We’ll leave that answer to you, as this does introduce unique mechanics – but lacks a lot of new content. However, there are experimental features for Minecraft 1.21! This gives players the chance to encounter a new mob and dungeon called Trial Chambers, offering all sorts of goodies. Regardless, the future of our beloved game might be promising since the community has made their feedback known to Mojang. There’s been outrage since past updates, so hopefully we can look forward to outstanding changes. We hope this Apex Hosting blog helped you learn more about the Minecraft 1.20.4 update and its changes to the game.

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