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Minecraft 1.15.1 Available Now!

Posted: Dec 23, 2019 in Minecraft Server Updates

mc head By ApexHosting

Minecraft 1.15.1 Available Now!


Minecraft 1.15.1 has been released and fixes some major issues introduced in 1.15. Let’s check out and see what all changes where made!


Minecraft 1.15.1 Features


  • Optimized chunk rendering performance, especially for chunks with many different block states
  • Fixed an error spammed to the game’s log files caused by custom spawner block spawning villagers
  • Improved network handling of invalid Biome ids
  • Fixed a crash in the Realms screen
  • Fixed bugs
  • Removed Herobrine 😱


See you in 2020!


This is the final update for 2019 and it has been an amazing year for Minecraft! We got the Village and Pillage update which totally changed villagers, villages, added raids and more! After that we got the Bee update which added our fuzzy friends, honey and made the game perform much better! We can’t wait to share all the amazing new updates coming in 2020 so be sure to keep an eye out! If you want to see the latest change log you can check it out here.


Until next year,

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