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Minecraft 1.11 Update Overview

Posted: Nov 16, 2016 in Minecraft Server Updates

mc head By ApexHosting

Players were given a quick peek at what to expect with the Minecraft 1.11 update after being revealed at MineCon and with the release of snapshot 16w39a. The most notable features include a new dungeon, items, and llamas. Yes, llamas. Among a variety of other notable new additions to the Minecraft 1.11 update, the addition of llamas is apparently huge news for fans. Players can now venture forth with swaggered, spitting, fun loving llamas to explore the new Woodland Mansions and battle its inhabits for valuable treasure. Let’s take a quick look at some of the new additions you can expect to see in your world.

Minecraft v1.11 Updated – Generation

With a procedurally generated world of infinite possibilities, new world generations are always a welcomed addition. With the 1.11 update, players are introduced to a new end-game dungeon and biome. The aptly named Woodland Mansion is a very rare end-game dungeon located the Dark Oak Forest biome. Players can reach this structure through the use of maps that indicate their location as well as ocean monuments.

Minecraft v1.11 Updated – Mobs

You can obtain these maps from new NPC villagers called Cartographers for the cost of a few emeralds. Once you’ve acquired your map, you can saddle up and venture out into the world on your trusty llama. Before heading out, try swag out your new ride with carpets for visual flair and add storage to it much like a pack mule. Better yet, if you have a herd of llamas, you can lead one and all nearby llamas will follow to create a caravan.

As you approach the Woodland Mansion, you will encounter its guardians the Illagers. Illagers are comprised of either melee “Vindicators” or casters “Envokers”. As end-game guardians, you be on the side of caution when going hand to hand with these mobs as they have a few surprises in store for any adventure seeking the loot that lies within.

Minecraft v1.11 Updated – Items

Those who come out successful in plundering the dungeon can expect to acquire a very valuable item that is capable of preventing death should you receive a fatal blow. With the Totem of the Undying in hand, any fatal blow you receive would instead consume the totem and provide a temporary boost to your stats, ensuring you survive any near death experience. With this new loot and everything else you collect over you

With this new loot and everything else you collect over your adventures, you’ll need a place to store it. Along with your llama caravan, you can now utilize Shulker Box’s, a portable storage solution. Much like a single chest, you can store items in the Shulker Box but break it when you decide to pack up and move, retaining all the contents of the chest.

For a detailed list and information on all the changes added in the 1.11 update, check out the official wiki.

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