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MeteoritesPro Minecraft Plugin

Last modified on May 9, 2023 in Plugins

mc head By Nathan Young


Structures in Minecraft offer a wide range of valuable items, resources, and mobs to slay. Whether these are villages or woodland mansions, players use them for obtaining powerful gear or materials. However, sometimes there aren’t enough structures or random encounters in the world that provide these benefits. This is especially true on servers, as many players raid everything in sight. Solving this introduces MeteoritesPro, a Spigot and Paper plugin that randomly spawns meteors in-game for players to loot. These structures rain from the sky, carrying valuable blocks and items, but also challenges. Luckily, you’re given control over how many meteorites there are and how often they appear in the world. Setting this up requires a specific process, so we’ve created this Apex Hosting tutorial to show you how to install and use the MeteoritesPro plugin on your Minecraft server.


  1. Navigate to MeteoritesPro on Spigot and press the Download button.
    MeteoritesPro Spigot Download
  2. Save this file somewhere easily accessible on your computer.
  3. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click FTP File Access near the top left.
    Minecraft FTP Server

    Important: Ensure you’re using the correct Server Profile for this installation.

  4. Login with your password and continue to the plugins directory.
    Minecraft Server Plugins
  5. At the top left corner, press Upload and drag the file into the respective area.
    MeteoritesPro Server Installation
  6. Wait for this to reach 100%, then return to the main panel to Restart the server.
  7. Once it finishes loading, join and run the /plugins command to confirm the installation.
    MeteoritesPro Plugin

    Note: If you see “MeteoritesPro” appears as green, then it works.


Getting Started

Minecraft Meteor

Upon joining your server, there are likely no meteorites spawning in the world. This means you have to configure the plugin before it fully works, as a crucial setting determines where to spawn them. However, server operators can immediately trigger a meteor to fall from the heavens by using the /mp shoot [name] command. When it hits the ground, many blocks will go flying around with particle effects, leaving behind a crater. By default, you have two meteorite options to select and use: fire and ice. Both of these have unique blocks to collect, but there is a barrel containing valuable items to loot. Be on guard though, trying to take from the meteor will trigger guardians to spawn. These mobs are custom-made to slay anyone on sight, as they protect all meteorites from players.


As briefly mentioned above, you’ll need to configure the plugin before it works properly in-game. This process only requires one change, but there are lots of other settings to tweak. For example, you can change the spawn radius in blocks for meteors. Another one includes hooking WorldGuard or GriefPrevention to avoid unwanted damage on your protected areas. Regardless of what you want to change, we’ll show you how to access and make the necessary changes in the plugin’s configuration file on the server.

  1. Head towards your FTP File Access area from the server panel.
  2. Login and enter the plugins directory, then click the MeteoritesPro folder.
  3. Afterward, press Edit to the right of the config.yml file to reveal its contents.
    MeteoritesPro Config File
  4. Proceed to enter your world’s name for the random-meteorite-world setting.
    MeteoritesPro World Setting

    Note: This name can be found in the “World” section of the main panel.

  5. Continue to make any necessary changes, then click Save at the top.
    MeteoritesPro Configuration
  6. Return to the main panel and Restart the server, then join to confirm it works.



Just like many other plugins, there are several commands to use in-game. These require you to use their permission nodes in LuckPerms, or another similar addon to manage them. Alternatively, you can be a server operator to have full access. Regardless of the method you choose, these commands can help you test new meteorites to spawn and apply recent changes from the config to the server. It also allows you to manage the start and stop times for their spawning. Review the list below to start learning more about the plugin’s commands.

/mp helpmeteoritespro.defaultOpen the plugin’s help menu.
/mp discordmeteoritespro.defaultReveals the plugin’s Discord server.
/mp shoot [name]meteoritespro.shootForcefully spawn a meteor where you’re looking in-game.
/mp shootrandommeteoritespro.shootrandomSpawns a random meteor in-game.
/mp reloadmeteoritespro.reloadReloads the plugin to apply changes in the config.
/mp startmeteoritespro.startStart the random spawning of meteors in your world.
/mp stopmeteoritespro.stopStops the random meteors from spawning.
/mp *meteoritespro.adminAccess to all plugin commands.


Loot and Enemies

Previously mentioned before, there are barrels to find in every meteorite that contains valuable items. There are three of them by default, but attempting to loot them triggers a mob-spawn event. We’ll go through each material to collect and the monster to give you a better understanding of them. However, make note that there are plenty of helpful resources from every meteor such as obsidian, diamond blocks, and more. If you’re not wanting to take too many risks, then mining those materials is recommended.

Unique Items
MeteoritesPro Barrel Loot

There are three default items to find inside the meteorite’s barrels, an Alien Axe, The Arkenstone, and a Meteorite Diamond. They normally aren’t together, meaning you’ll only find one or two of them at once. Each item has custom enchants, from fortune 5 to sharpness 10. If you’re not liking their powerful abilities, then change them in the plugin’s configuration file. Otherwise, add more items to the list to create a more diverse reward system for hunting meteorites in-game.


Custom Guardians

After opening a barrel, you’ll immediately see a Meteorite Guardian that will attack you on sight. These are default mobs from the plugin, which spawn in iron armor and two golden axes. Technically, they are wither skeletons, but their in-game behavior doesn’t reflect it. Luckily, only one of them spawn at a time to give you enough time to either escape or slay them.

MeteoritesPro Guardians


Common Issues

Plugin Isn’t Working

If after installing MeteoritesPro and it fails, double-check you’ve uploaded the plugin’s file in the correct directory. This area should be in the plugins folder, but must also be for the right server profile. However, you must also Restart the server so it can load everything. These should fix the situation, but it may also be possible that you’re not using the correct version. Confirm that your server is running Spigot/Paper 1.14 to 1.19 and above, as the plugin only supports these types.

Configuration Won’t Save/Apply

Editing the plugin’s configuration file requires you to Save and Restart the server to apply them. Make sure you’re doing those tasks to get everything working in-game. However, double-check your settings aren’t broken, meaning they have to be formatted properly. For example, removing a space in between an option’s colon and its value will break it. Ensuring the configuration file is correctly setup gives you the best chance at it working in-game, but you may try using the /mp reload command to see if that works best.

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