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MCHeli Minecraft Mod

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mc head By Nathan Young

MCHeli Minecraft Mod


Instead of using standard swords and bows to fight off enemies, some players may want to use modern weapons in Minecraft. These can come in many different forms, from rocket launchers to aircraft bombers. Fortunately, there’s a Forge 1.7.10 modification that’ll implement all kinds of deadly tanks, helicopters, battleships, and more. This is known as MCHeli, an extremely popular mod that allows players to create their own modern weaponry to use against the undead, bases, or other targets. Whether you’re high in the skies or in the sea, engaging enemies have never been easier. This is a wonderful way to have fun with friends, especially simulating warfare. Setting it up is easily done on our panel, but this modification has a unique process that can confuse newcomers to the hosting scene. Due to this, we’ll show you how to install and use the MCHeli mod on your Minecraft server in this Apex Hosting tutorial.

How to Download

Before downloading this modification, you’ll want to install an external zipping program such as WinRAR or 7zip. This is due to MCHeli’s design, as it comes in a zip file rather than a jar type. Additionally, this is required for the client setup so make sure to have this software installed.

  1. Navigate to the MCHeli page on CurseForge’s website.
  2. Once there, press Files near the top and locate your desired mod version.
    MCHeli Minecraft Mod
  3. Upon finding this, select it and click the Download button on the right.
    MCHeli Mod Download
  4. Save this zip file somewhere easily accessible on your computer.


Client Installation

Everyone wanting to use this mod will need to install Forge on their Minecraft launcher, as it’s required to load it. Once this is prepared, follow along below to begin installing MCHeli on your client. Remember, an external zipping tool is required for this process.

  1. Use an external zipping program to extract the “mcheli” folder on your computer.
    MCHeli Folder
  2. Afterward, open your Minecraft launcher and navigate to the Installations section.
    Minecraft Installations
  3. Locate your installed Forge 1.7.10 profile, then select its Folder icon.
    Minecraft Forge Profile
  4. In the new window, find and enter the mods directory.
    Note: If you don’t see this, then create it for this process.
  5. Once there, drag and drop the “mcheli” folder in this directory.
    MCHeli Client Installation
  6. When you’re finished, return to the profile and press Play to begin loading the mod.


Server Installation

After completing the above steps, you’re ready to begin setting up the server with this mod. An important note to keep in mind is that you can dismiss the “META-INF” folder during this process, as it’s not needed. Additionally, you’ll be working with the zipped file instead of its contents since it’s easier to upload on the panel.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then click FTP File Access near the top left.
    Minecraft FTP
  2. Proceed to enter your Password in the text box and press the Login button.
    Minecraft FTP Login
  3. Afterward, navigate to the mods directory and press Upload at the top left corner.
  4. Continue to drag and drop the downloaded ZIP file, then wait until it reaches 100%.
    MCHeli Server Installation
  5. Return to the mods directory and check mark this file, then click Unzip at the top right.
    MCHeli Unzip
  6. Submit these changes and Delete the zipped file to avoid conflict.
  7. Restart the server from the main panel, then join to confirm everything works.


Getting Started

MCHeli Mod Tutorial

There are lots of vehicles, aircraft, and helicopters to use in your new modded server. These can serve as deterrents against war with other players or powerful equipment to destroy bases. Crafting these machines requires specific items and tools, which are relatively easy to obtain. Once you’ve created your desired helicopter, tank, or airplane, fuel is required to power it. This can be easily obtained through coal and other materials, which is similar to ammunition for weapons. It’s encouraged to review the recipe images in the main “mcheli” folder, which you’ve downloaded previously. Otherwise, using the NotEnoughItems modification can show you all their recipes in-game. Besides this, we’ll review the most important information for you to get started with the MCHeli mod in your Minecraft server.

Drafting Table

MCHeli Drawing Table

Unlike other mods with starting items to help players learn how to use features, MCHeli has a table for it. This reveals valuable information surrounding crafting recipes, using items, and more. Making this table requires 2x Wood Planks, 1x Redstone, 1x Workbench, and 2x Fences. Once made, players can begin using this tool for crafting helicopters, tanks, battleships, planes, among other types.

This is required for you to get started with this modification, unless you’d rather enter in creative mode with server operator privileges.


There are several kinds of helicopters to choose from, with the majority of them being military ones. Almost all of them are large, while a few are small that tend to be controlled by UAV Stations. For instance, players can either fly in an Apache Longbow with rockets or RC Globin to spy on others. Remember, fuel is required to power these and ammunition for their weapons.

MCHeli Helicopters

As for flying them in-game, it’s difficult at first due to the controls. However, you’ll get the hang of it as you continue trying.


MCHeli Airplanes

Similarly to helicopters, the mod’s aircraft come in many different shapes and sizes. Whether you’re in a small plane to do tricks or flying a large cargo bomber, there are countless ones to try out. The controls are faster and more challenging than other machines, depending on the kind you’re using. For instance, the Superfortress will take time to turn and move around in the sky, while An-2 will be easier since it’s smaller.

Alternatively, using an UAV Station for a remote controlled plane is another option. Almost all of these can shoot rockets at specific targets, with some having lockable capabilities.

Ground Vehicles

Whether you’re traveling in a jeep, armored truck, or a powerful tank, there are many options for players. This depends on if you’re wanting a lot of damage or faster speed, as it varies between vehicles. Tanks are a popular choice, as they can be quick and powerful against enemies. Each round will take time to shoot and reload, simulating real-life machines. These can have miniguns or explosive rounds for the most damage.

MCHeli Tanks

Unfortunately, poor terrain can be challenging for most of their movements. It’s best to use tanks, jeeps, or trucks on flat surfaces like in deserts.


MCHeli Battleships

Besides using the ground or skies to attack your enemy, the ocean can play a critical role in the rampage. Battleships are wonderful for protecting your nearby seas, especially if you’ve built bases around them. Otherwise, there are cargo ships to provide easy access between water and land. They’re quick and efficient at damage or movement, but can quickly lose fuel due to their speed.

Sadly, players cannot reverse in these ships and must move forward. This can be problematic for some, as docking them can be frustrating. Nonetheless, it’s worth exploring their many uses in your world.

Other Equipment

MCHeli Mod Guide

Besides using tanks, helicopters, or airplanes, there are tons of other interesting items to try out. These include turrets, artillery, bazookas, smoke grenades, and more. These are useful for players engaging in close quarter combat situations, which can even disable large machines if needed. Alternatively, quickly escaping the enemy behind a smoke screen is another option. Otherwise, simply use the turrets and artillery to protect against air raids or ground attacks.


If you’re looking to customize how some vehicles, battleships, or airplanes function in-game, then editing the mod’s configuration file is required. For example, changing what blocks tank break is possible, among toggling many different options. Most of this is self explanatory, but becomes clearer once you’re reviewing the settings. The following instructions show you how to access, edit, and apply your desired changes in the server.

  1. Navigate to the config directory from the FTP File Access area, once logged in.
    MCHeli Config
  2. Locate and press Edit to the right side of mcheli.cfg, revealing a file editor.
    MCHeli Config File
  3. Make any of your desired changes, then click Save at the top.
    MCHeli Settings
  4. Return to the main panel and Restart the server to apply the edits.


Common Issues

Unable to Join Server

In some cases, players may not be able to join the server due to a variety of reasons. These may include entering the incorrect address or failing to install MCHeli on their launcher. Make sure to be using a valid IP Address:Port or Subdomain to make the connection. Additionally, ensure you’ve only installed the “mcheli” folder in your local mods directory. Otherwise, a mismatched mod channel list error may occur, rejecting the player from joining the server. In rare scenarios, Forge 1.7.10 may not be installed or is using an incompatible version of Minecraft. Make sure everything is using the right one so the mod can load, allowing players to make the connection.

MCHeli Isn’t Working

Occasionally, the mod may not work as intended when testing features in-game. This happens when Forge 1.7.10 isn’t selected in the Game File area of your server panel, as anything else will not support MCHeli. Double-check this is configured properly, then redo the installation just in case. Afterward, everything should load correctly unless you didn’t unzip the uploaded file. Make sure you only keep the “mcheli” folder in the server mods directory, then Restart from the main panel. However, using the wrong Server Profile may cause some conflicts when loading everything. Creating a new one will provide you with a clean installation of Forge and the modification so there’s no problems.

My Server or Launcher Crashed

After installing the mod on your server or client, always make sure that you’ve extracted the zip file. The process for this varies, depending on what’s crashing. However, the solution is the same across the board, as the main “mcheli” folder is the actual modification that’ll load in-game. Although, if you leave the downloaded zip file in your mods directory on the computer or server, it’ll continue to crash until you delete it. Alternatively, there may not be enough allocated ram on your launcher. Increasing this may help you load and run Minecraft with mods. If the installation is confirmed to be correct, then there could be an unforeseen problem with your world. Reviewing our Modded Optimization Guide will give you more options and information to try out.

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